• Good Morning Monday ~ What a Week!

    It’s been a busy one, productive, and exciting. I’ve finally managed to get some words done in my WIP which is a huge relief. I can tell you it’s a Christmas story and it’s set in 1969-1970, revolved around Woodstock and Vietnam. And it’s titled A Soldier’s Wish. It’s currently at 32K and I’m thinking there’s another 10-15 to go.  It’s part of a group release, involving a bunch of other awesome authors, and I can speak more about it soon. Release day is December 2nd.

    I’ve also had some translation releases!

    The Weight of it All is now in German! Ein Kleines Bisschen Versuching is out now!

    A Chiare Linee (Clarity of Lines – Thomas Elkin Book 2) Italian Translation is available on September 12th.



    And Evolved is out on audio!!

    You can grab it at Audible!

    And a little bragging moment…  The audio of The Weight of It All was listed on USA Today as one of the Top 5 Audios to cure your Crazy Rich Asians (book/movie) hangover!! Right next to Bridgette Jones’s Diary was Henry and Reed. I could not believe it!  You can read that article HERE!

    And if you want to check out the audio of The Weight of it All, you can find it Audible.

    Oh, and I’m registered for some book signings!! Where will I be??

    GRL – Portsmouth Virginia USA  October 2018 (it’s in 37 days!! eeeek!)

    Books by the Bridge – Sydney NSW Australia February 23 2019

    BookMarked & Sexy – Brisbane QLD Australia March 2nd 2019

    RARE 2020 – Edinburgh Scotland!!! (shhh, I haven’t told my husband yet LOL)

    Book Boyfriends Signing – Newcastle NSW Australia September 26 2020

    Now this week I want to finish A Soldier’s Wish. A big ask, but I am determined! (And by determined, I mean way behind schedule and I just need to finish the damn thing LOL)

    I’ll be back next week with a cover and blurb release of Nova Praetorian!! I can’t wait to share it – it’s my first delve into the historical genre so I hope you all like it!

    Until then… <3


  • Good Morning Monday ~ Galaxies and Oceans Cover and Blurb Reveal!

    So it’s that time again… One month until release day!  Yes, that’s right! Galaxies and Oceans will be out June 25th!

    So I better show you guys the cover and blurb, right? 😉

    This amazing cover was made by Lou Harper. It was a premade cover – and you all know how much I love premade covers LOL!  I saw this cover over a year ago, loved it, but didn’t buy it. Then I stumbled across it six months later and it was still there. It was like it was just waiting for me to come back for it! It was fate. LOL  And the best part for me, is then being able to write a story that’s moulded by what the cover inspires. And so, Aubrey and Patrick’s story was born…


    Seizing his one chance to escape, Ethan Hosking leaves his violent ex-boyfriend, leaves his entire life, and walks into the path of a raging bushfire. Desperate to start over, a new man named Aubrey Hobbs walks out of the fire-ravaged forest, alive and alone. With no ID and no money, nothing but his grandfather’s telescope, he goes where the Southern Cross leads him.
    Patrick Carney is the resident lighthouse keeper in Hadley Cove, a small town on the remote Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. After the tragic death of his lover four years ago, he lives a solitary life; just him, a tabby cat, the Indian and Southern Oceans, and a whole lot of loneliness. He’s content with his life until a stranger shows up in town and turns Patrick’s head.
    Patrick never expected to be interested in anyone else.
    Aubrey never expected to be happy.
    Between Aubrey’s love of the stars and Patrick’s love of the ocean, these two fragile hearts must navigate new waters. If they can weather the storm of their pasts, they could very well have a love that eclipses everything.
    So write down the date! June 25th!  There won’t be pre-orders, and it will be exclusive to KU.

    WIP news

    The first draft of Private Charter is now complete!! It’s basically 65K words of sun, sailing, sand, swimming and sex. I’m not even kidding. I’m sure there’s more plot in there somewhere but for the most part, it’s all about those five S words. It’s not very often I write something that’s mostly driven by sex, but these boys weren’t having it any other way. I will make no apologies LOL

    Audio news

    Spencer Cohen Book Three is OUT NOW!!  You can find it at Audible or Amazon or Tantor!

    Translation News : Italian

    Thomas Elkin Elements of Retrofit is now in Italian! I’ve waited five years for these boys to be translated, so I’m VERY happy!

    You can find it at Amazon and at Triskell!

    Okay, so if that’s not enough for one week, I don’t know what is. LOL

    See you all next Monday!! <3

  • Good Morning Monday! November = Nano = New Book, New Characters!

    Well, November came around awfully quickly, didn’t it? I’m not sure when/how that happened, but wow, we’re now in the countdown for Christmas… o.O

    So I’m doing the Nano thing – which is short for Nanowrimo, which is short for National November Writing Month. It’s a world-wide writing group that aims for each person to write 50K in the month of November. I can usually write that in a month anyway, but by the end of the year, I find the kick in the pants helps with my focus.

    If you’ve joined Nano and want to buddy up, you can find me HERE.

    And I’ve started a new story! Tentatively titled Lost and Found, it’s going to be a shorter, fluffy contemporary. Although I don’t plan or plot or outline, so I really don’t know how it will end but I can say it’s set on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and tells the story of Griffin and Dane, and a dog called Wicket. I’m currently 10K into it and imagine it will be about 40K long. I know I say that a lot and the book ends up at 80K but I’m pretty certain this one will stay short. Fingers crossed, anyway.

    Maybe it will be ready for a January release? I’ll be sure to keep you posted. 🙂

    If you want to keep up to date on sales and freebies and you’re not familiar with BookBub, you should check it out! Every week there are new sales and freebies, and if you want to know if and when I have one listed, you can follow me. You’ll be notified via email the second it happens!

    You can find and follow me HERE!

    In translation news, Trouver sa Place, the French version of Red Dirt Heart 4, is due out on November 8th!

    You can find it at the following sites:

    MxM Publishing


    And just a quick reminder, that if anyone would like signed paperbacks for Christmas, you might need to start planning 🙂

    You can find my order form HERE.

    That’s it for now. Until next week! <3

  • Good Morning Monday! I Hit A Writing Milestone This Week!

    This week I crossed a professional milestone! Up until now, the longest book I’ve written is Starting Point at 92K words. But my current WIP, Yanni’s Story, has breezed past that and is currently at 106K!!  There’s probably another 12K to go, maybe more.

    Yanni’s Story is written in three sections called Acts. Given he’s studying acting, I thought it was appropriate LOL. Each Act shows Yanni’s growth and recovery from being in an abusive relationship. I’ll share more of this when the first draft is done.

    And I could split Yanni’s Story (yes, that’s the name of the book) into three separate books, and it would be more in tune with the Spencer Cohen Series (which Yanni’s world is a part of) if it were three books, but truthfully, it would read better as one book. So it will stay as one book. 🙂

    I’m still aiming for a release in late Aug/early Sept. Fingers crossed my editor won’t suggest massive re-writes LOL

    For my Italian readers, Cuore di Terra Rossa 3 is out today!!  That’s Red Dirt Heart 3 to everyone else 😉

    You can find it on Amazon or directly at the publisher, Triskell

    A reminder that I’m taking pre-orders for signed books at GRL in October, when I’ll be in Denver, Colorado!

    You can find the pre-order form HERE.

    Also, a HUGE thank you to my audio listeners for making Cronin’s Key such a successful release! It spent three weeks straight at #1 on LGBT audio, so thank you!!!

    Okay, so I won’t be here next week, so there won’t be an update. I’ll be away with my son’s tennis but also for a bit of a family vacation as well. I’m going to try like crazy to have Yanni’s Story’s first draft done so I can have some down time.  I’ve written 65K words in the last month, so my hands (and brain) would probably appreciate the break 😉

    Have a fabulous week!  Until then…  <3

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Imagines Cover and News!


    Well, it’s been another super busy week!  Despite being under the weather for most of the week, I finished the first draft of Imagines, did a read through, fixed some stuff, and it’s now in the hands of my editor. For those who missed it, the title of the sequel to Imago, is Imagines.

    Finding the right title to follow on from Imago wasn’t easy, when it was so very specific to its meaning. So, going back to its origins, I found the the only thing better than one imago, was the plural… And so Imagines was so named.

    The Latin plural of imago is imagines, and this is the term generally used by entomologists.

    Now for the cover!!


    In keeping with the original and how the Imago cover had the Tillman Copper on the cover, the cover of Imagines now represents the kind of butterfly Lawson is focused on in Imagines, which is the striking blue Ulysses.  Harper By Design has done another outstanding job.

    I’m hoping to have Imagines out April 10th, but this is subject to change.

    I’ll have the blurb to share with you soon as well 🙂   Jack and Lawson have been such a treat to write – so very lovely, sweet boys, and I hope everyone loves the conclusion to their story.

    Now for some shameless bragging, Imago spent FOURTEEN days at #1 in the US Gay Fiction (except for two days in which Switched (my December release) went to #1 after a BookBub featured deal – so I had the #1 and #2 spots)  which is a HUGE feat!  I was so shocked and humbled. And it really does prove that I have the BEST readers on the planet! <3

    no-1-in-us-01-03-17 switched-and-imago-01-03-17

    Imago has been Book of the Week at Love Bytes Reviews AND at Diverse Reader <3

    Now, I know last week I said I wouldn’t have any books out in March… which has turned me into a liar. LOL  Because the Rote Erde 2 (the German translation to Red Dirt Heart 2) is NOW LIVE!!


    You can find it at the following outlets:





    That’s it for this week!  I will be away from home next weekend, so there probably won’t be a post. Until next time…


  • Good Afternoon Thursday! Say what?

    So sorry I missed my usual Good Morning Monday post. I was travelling and have been feeling a bit under the weather since I got home. But I come bearing news…

    Red Dirt Heart 2 is now available on Audio!!  You can find it on Audible HERE


    I’m super excited about this one. Joel Leslie, the narrator, does such a fabulous job. He really captures Charlie and Travis beautifully.  <3   I’ll be running an audio book tour soon! More news on that when it comes to hand.

    In other news, The Weight of it All is now currently on sale for .99c at Amazon!  I’m running a Bookbub deal to coincide with the books’ return to Kindle Unlimited. So if you haven’t read it, now is the time to grab it!! I’ll post links to the Bookbub when I have them!

    TheWeightOfItAll Cover 200x300

    In translation news, Red Dirt Heart is now available in French!  When I first wrote these boys, I had no idea my words would reach so many people around the world. I’m very touched that Charlie and Travis’ story is adored by so many <3  You can find it at Amazon or with MXM Bookmark Publishing.


    You can also grab the Italian version of Red Dirt Heart 2 at Amazon or Triskell



    I have it on good authority that the German version of RDH2 isn’t too far away. And the French version of Cronin’s Key II should be out soon too!

    To recap, Perfect Catch, has been sitting at #1 in 2-hour short reads on Amazon for a few days now. I’m so thrilled that people have loved Troy and Cal’s story. <3

    A quick writing update: Imago is now with my editor!  It ended up being 45K words long, and is super sweet. I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon, and telling a little story on what happens when you write a book and you’re telling a friend the basic plot line, and she says it sounds familiar and you soon realise you might have just unknowingly copied a book released a few years ago. *sigh*  Crises averted though, so no need to panic. LOL

    Release day of Imago is set for February 21st 🙂

    And I’ve started the sequel!  Woooooot!!  Lawson and Jack are just so adorable. Can’t wait for you all to meet them.

    I also won a lot of awards at the Goodreads M/M readers choice awards!!

    The Weight Of It All won Best Contemporary for 2016!

    Red Dirt Heart Christmas won Best Short Story for 2016!

    The Weight Of It All was third for Best Book of the Year!

    The Weight Of It All won second for Best Humour of 2016!

    Spencer Cohen Book Three won third for Best Performance Artist (incl Tattooists)

    The Weight Of It All won third in Best Friends To Lovers of 2016!

    It Was Always You won second in Best Anthology of 2016!

    Thank you to all who nominated me and voted for me! 

    Until next time…


  • Good Morning Monday!

    Good Morning Monday pic

    Can you believe this year is literally half over?  That means we’ll have to start thinking about Christmas soon… *head desk*  Not to mention I have six week overseas family trip in September/October to plan and organise.  Man, I am so not ready for that. LOL

    Okay, so this week has been super busy.  Blood & Milk is out and the reviews on Amazon have been wonderfully positive and heartfelt.  I would like to thank everyone who took a chance on reading.  I have also received more emails from readers about this book (in the first few days of release) than any other book. Your messages of love and support truly mean a lot to me, so thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart.   <3  <3

    In news of the charity fundraising, I estimate by the end of the first week alone we will have raised about $400USD for the African Human Rights Coalition.  I will be sure to keep you posted with updates.


    I also have some exciting translation news!  Red Dirt Heart is coming out in German!!  I’m just waiting on proofreading, which hopefully won’t take long, then I can format it and get it live asap. Rote Erde 1 will be out soon, and I’m super excited about this!

    German RDH1 300x200

    Something else I’m ridiculously excited about is Red Dirt Heart in Audio is due out any day!!  This is my first ever audio book and the narrator, the wonderful Joel Froomkin has graciously held my hand throughout the entire process 🙂

    The lovely RJ Scott and Love Lane Books will be releasing it asap!  I can’t wait for you guys to hear this book. Just listening to it, I laughed and cried – hearing my own words is an amazing thing. And man, I have missed these boys – Charlie still means as much to me now as he did two years ago.


    In other news, my WIP (not sure on the title yet…) is at 10K. I estimate it will maybe be around 40K words, but we all know how characters do whatever the hell they want and I, being the lowly writer, have no say in such things. LOL  My main character (it’s first person pov) is Henry Beckett and his love interest is Reed Henske, and it’s set in Balmain, Sydney.  And I’m aiming/hoping for a release in early September. More details on that later.

    What’s happening this coming week?  Well, another busy one (no surprises to those who know me lol)  It’s EOFY here in Australia (end of financial year) and I haven’t done ANY of my accounts yet, so that needs to be a priority. I also need to write as much as physically possible, as school holidays start on Friday and I’ll be away for all of the first week and half of the second week, so my writing time will be almost zero for the two weeks after this one. Not to mention the RL stuff I have going on…

    That also means there might not be a post next week (as I won’t be home) and my online time will also be very minimal, but I will try and schedule something.

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday! June already?

    Good Morning Monday pic

    Man, this year is just flying by. Can you believe it’s almost half over?  And, as always, it’s been another busy week for me. I know, I tell people I’m busy and I complain of being busy all the time, but jeez, just one hour to sit down and do nothing would be fab! LOL

    Anywho, so last week saw the French version of Cronin’s Key released! It made #3 in Fantasy, and  #33 in the whole Kindle store of France on release day, which is stellar!! You can find it on Amazon  and on Smashwords and on All Romance eBooks.  I’m hoping to have the paperback version ready soon!

    I have a few tweaks to make to Blood & Milk before ARCs go out this week. I’ve had some great feedback and it’s helped with the nerves a little. Everyone has loved it, and by all accounts thus far, I’ve done the culture of the Maasai justice – which is a huge relief for me. Though I’m sure I’ll be a nervous wreck on release day.  There will be a lot of opinions about this book, so there’s a good chance I’ll be avoiding the interwebs for about a week or three after release. LOL

    I’m *still* waiting on my WordPress upgrade (apparently Bluehost need to make security features or some <probably important> crap) and this can take a week or something. And I have made contact with a web designer who can hopefully make my site a whole lot prettier (and functional) than it is now.

    I’ll be sure to advise if there will be any down time.  🙂

    I have started my new WIP this week!  I wanted to be at 10K by Friday, but with translations and formatting on CK1,  pre-read feedback and tweaks on B&M, and other real life shenanigans, I’m only at 3K.  It’s the story of Henry, who is very recently single, after being told by his long term partner he is overweight. So he joins a gym, where he meets personal trainer, Reed.  And because I let the characters tell the story as I write (that is, I don’t plan or plot – I’m a total pantser) I had wondered if this story would be angsty, serious, comedy, long, short… I had no clue.

    Well, as it turns out, Henry is funny.  Even just a prologue and one chapter in, he’s already made me laugh out loud a few times, and want to hug him once.  Still no clue on the length of this story, but I’m aiming for 30-35K. After writing Blood & Milk which ended up 85K and research heavy, it’ll be nice to write something short and fun.

    For those wondering how my CrossFit challenge is going… I’m four weeks into a six week challenge (three sessions per week) and I can tell, even in those four weeks, my fitness has improved a lot. I did a fourth session this week so I could bring my daughter along, and she loved it. She said I did better than she was expecting me to LOL.  I have a long way to go before I’m at the level of those who do the full-on sessions. While I can do the WODs, though I do the beginner sets instead of the advanced. What I have learned from CrossFit: my body will hurt a lot, my knees are permanently bruised, and burpees fucking suck.  😀

    But, after the six week challenge is up, I fully intend to sign up for normal classes. 😀

    Just a reminder also, that Spencer Cohen Book Two’s exclusivity with Amazon will end June 14, when it will be released at all the other usual stores.

    I’m away for five days this coming week, so I doubt much, if any, writing will get done. And my time on social media will be very limited. I will be away from Thursday to the following Monday so there may not be a post next week, but I’ll try.  So on that note, stay safe my friends, and be kind.

    Until next week…


  • Cronin’s Key – French Translation? Oui!

    I’m very excited to announce the first Cronin’s Key book is now available in French!!

    And in less than 12 hours, it has reached Number 8 in Erotica, and Number 3 in Fantasy in Amazon France!

    You can find it on Amazon  and on Smashwords and on All Romance eBooks.  I will post the links to B&N and iBooks when I have them, and it will be available in paperback very soon!  🙂

    Cronin's Key French 200x300


    L’inspecteur de la police de New York, Alec MacAidan a toujours été familier avec l’étrange. Après tout, sa vie n’est qu’une suite de phénomènes inexplicables. Mais quand un homme blessé lui laisse des indices cryptiques, puis est réduit en poussière devant lui, l’avis d’Alec sur le bizarre change pour toujours.

    Cronin est un vampire ancestral, qui a passé ces derniers mille ans à attendre Alec. On lui a dit que son destiné serait un homme armé d’un bouclier, mais il ne s’attendait pas à ce qu’il soit humain, et encore moins que ce bouclier soit un insigne de police.

    Les deux hommes, tenaces avec de fortes volontés, en sont encore à apprendre comment faire face à l’attirance liée au fait d’être destinés l’un à l’autre, quand le Destin les jette en plein mystère.

    La rumeur se propage rapidement, provoquant des troubles en Égypte. Des clans de vampires fuient après la nouvelle qu’un vampire aurait des dons pas comme les autres, s’acharnant à déclencher la colère de la Mort.

    Alec et Cronin sont plongés dans un monde étrange qu’Alec n’aurait jamais pu imaginer. Ce qu’il a appris à l’école sur les anciens pharaons et sur les dieux égyptiens était très loin de la vérité. Au lieu de ça, il découvre de première main que l’Histoire n’est pas toujours ce qu’elle semble être.


  • Good Morning Monday! Another week, another post! Go me!

    Good Morning Monday pic

    I am really on a roll with these weekly update post things. LOL  Not exactly sure what I have to talk about this week, but here goes…

    So, last week I finished my short story. It’s 18.5K words, completely full of fluff and smut, and was a lot of fun to write. It took waaaay longer than expected, but RL and other mishaps got in the way.  It’s called Perfect Catch, and is about two Aussie guys, best mates, Cal and Troy.  They’re absolutely perfect for each other but their lives have never been sync, until now. They go away for a boys weekend of fishing, and suddenly its not about fishing anymore. 😉

    Perfect Catch will be out in October – more on that at another time.

    Blood & Milk survived edits (wooooot!) and I’ve sent it to another wonderful pre-reader, this time someone who lives in Tanzania.  I’ve never had a book pre-read by so many people before! LOL But in this case, the more the merrier. Especially when those readers all have perspectives and experiences different to mine.  Everything is still on track for ARCs to be released on June 10th, and for the release on June 23rd.

    I have decided Blood & Milk will be exclusive to Amazon for the release, and the 90 day KU cycle that follows.

    Cuore di Terra Rossa (the Italian translation of Red Dirt Heart) had a great release week! And Spencer Cohen Book One had a great first week on All Romance eBooks, hitting the best seller list!

    I’m hoping to have the French translation of Cronin’s Key this week, and I’ll be uploading it as soon as it lands in my inbox 🙂  I’ve also seen the French covers for the translation of the Red Dirt Heart series, and they are FAB!  The first book is due out in October, which is very exciting!

    In other translation news, I’ve just organised to have RDH translated into German! This is incredibly exciting for me, as I’ve looked into the German market for some time. I’ll post more on that a little closer to release.

    So, what’s happening this week?  I’m starting something new!  I’ll be starting on my overweight guy/personal trainer romance story. I had the first prologuey/chapter/thingy written in a notepad somewhere and now can’t find it! I’m pretty sure I remember how it went. LOL  But that’s what I’m starting this week. I love the starting of a new book! I have no clue how long it will be, and I have no clue about what will happen in this story, whether it will be comedy or angst. Basically I don’t have any clue about anything really. I have no outline or plan, like normal, I’m just gonna start and see where it takes me. 🙂

    This week, I will also be doing formatting, more edits and proofreading (for me and other authors) and I need to get my accounts in order – as it’s only four weeks until the end of financial year here in Australia, I haven’t started ANY financial spreadsheets for my accountant so far, and I need my tax lodged and returned before we head to America. And OMG isn’t that coming around quickly??

    I swear, I need a personal assistant. And a house cleaner, and a nanny, and an ironing lady, and a personal chef…  I used to say I need a clone, but I’m pretty sure if there was an identical me, I’d just tell myself to fuck off.  LOLOL

    On that note… until next week!