Upside Down

  • Upside Down is 99c & Pieces of Us is at all retailers


    It’s Ace Awareness Week and what a better way to celebrate with a sale on Upside Down. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, now’s your chance. It won’t be 99c for long.


    Jordan O’Neill isn’t a fan of labels, considering he has a few. Gay, geek, librarian, socially awkward, a nervous rambler, an introvert, an outsider. The last thing he needs is one more. But when he realises adding the label asexual might explain a lot, it turns his world upside down.

    Hennessy Lang moved to Surry Hills after splitting with his boyfriend. His being asexual had seen the end of a lot of his romances, but he’s determined to stay true to himself. Leaving his North Shore support group behind, he starts his own in Surry Hills, where he meets first-time-attendee Jordan.
    A little bewildered and scared, but completely adorable, Hennessy is struck by this guy who’s trying to find where he belongs. Maybe Hennessy can convince Jordan that his world hasn’t been turned upside down at all, but maybe it’s now—for the first time in his life—the right way up.


    Pieces of Us is now at all retailers!!

    You can find it at the following stores







    Missing Pieces Series, Book Three

    As Justin’s recovery moves forward, Dallas dares to hope their lives are settling into their new normal. His money worries have eased, business is picking up, and best of all, Justin now laughs more than he frowns.

    Justin’s memory still eludes him, but with each snippet or flashback, small pieces of his old life start to slot into place. He remembers more of Dallas and how perfectly happy their lives used to be, and with each passing day, Justin realises he can have that again.

    But when someone from Justin’s past turns up, he discovers that not all the missing pieces are good, and sadly, he and Dallas also learn just what it means to live with a traumatic brain injury.

    If Dallas and Justin have to fight for their Happily Ever After, then Dallas will stop at nothing–nothing–to give Justin the life he always wanted.

    “. . . as I tried to put the puzzle of myself back together, it was the pieces of us that made me whole.”


    And in case you missed it, Lacuna is OUT NOW!!


    You can find it HERE



    Twenty-five years ago, the hand of fate marked four newborns and sent them to the four corners of the Great Kingdoms. They were schooled and trained as rulers of their lands in preparation for the Golden Eclipse ceremony: a festival to celebrate a thousand years of peace and prosperity since the Great War.

    Crow, ruler of Northlands, a skilled swordsman and expert tactician, is as reclusive and stoic as the mountains that surround him. Tancho has spent his life in strict discipline, governing the Westlands with a fair mind and gentle hand. Quiet and unassuming, yet lethal in combat, he is the embodiment of the waters he lives by.

    Yet the same hand of fate unknowingly linked Tancho to Crow in ways they cannot comprehend. Ruled by the stars, the brother sun and the two sister moons above them, and marked by an alchemical sorcery as old as time, their destinies were never their own.

    As the eclipse draws near and the festival begins, word comes of another threat. Invaders from unknown lands bring a war no one was prepared for, and Crow and Tancho must decide on which side of the battle line they stand.

    In life or death, their destinies will see them joined either way.

    ~ Lacuna is a 92,000 word story of swords and sorcery, action and adventure, and romance.

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Upside Down Audio is OUT NOW!

    Another Monday already! Sorry for the lack of post last week – I didn’t have much to report and I was so busy with real life, so it got away from me. I do have some things to report this week though!

    The first being…

    Upside Down audio is FINALLY out now!!


    Buy Links:



    Aussie narrator Glen Lloyd has done a masterful job bringing Jordan and Hennessy to life. I can’t wait for you all to listen!


    Also for those of you who don’t have Kindle Unlimited, the entire Red Dirt Heart series will be going into wide distribution for a bit!  From Nov 12th, they’ll start appearing at all retailers, and will stay there for a month or two. I do like to switch my books in and out of KU cycles.



    The RDH Series KU link on Amazon is HERE

    I’ll provide all the links to the other retailers when I have them.


    The WIP from hell is still plodding along. It’s slow going but at least it’s moving forward. Currently at 57,000 words but still a ways to go. I need to get the base of the first draft down this week. I have to. Or I’ll miss an editing deadline 🙁  So fingers crossed for all the words!!  I need to report here next Monday that I got it done.

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday! News and Updates

    OMG this year is almost over. And can you believe it… this decade is almost over!  Craaaaazy, isn’t it? But with a new decade brings new things, new goals, new milestones. I’m excited but also a little scared, not gonna lie. The world’s political arena at the moment is a horrifying spectacle and I worry about what it means for my kids, and how the new normal is really rather depressing. BUT all doom and gloom aside, adversity brings about change and strength. 2020 will be a good year. I’m determined for it to be my best year yet!

    Okay, so that was a deep and dark beginning LOL  On to brighter things…

    So this week has been busy, but I say that a lot so it’s not anything new. I’ve been trying to get some writing done on my current WIP but man it’s slow-going. Currently at 10K words but I should have had it half done by now. I’m thinking it will be around 50-60K words long, so I have a LONG way to go. I’ll be mostly absent from social media this week as I try and crank out some words.

    It was supposed to be a darker drama style story but one of the characters is kinda funny. Not intentionally funny like Jordan (Upside Down) or Henry (The Weight of It All) but more of a so-awkward-it-hurts kind of funny way. I don’t know… it’s still early days yet, so he might come into his own yet. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll get to know him better as the book progresses 🙂


    I’m so ridiculously excited for this!!  It’s taking a fair chunk of time to get approved but it should be here any day!  You can find me at AUDIBLE and check the day it goes live!!

    Glenn has done such a perfect job of bringing Jordan and Hennessy to life. I can’t wait for you all to hear this!

    And in other audio news…

    I’ve just signed a contract with Tantor for FIVE audios!!!  I’m so excited for this!!

    • Tallowwood
    • The Hate You Drink
    • Private Charter
    • Imago
    • Imagines

    Will be coming out over the next year or so. The narrator will be new, and I’ll share more on this when I can confirm details.  But needless to say I’M VERY EXCITED!! 🙂

    Next Release…

    My next book is called Reindeer Games and it will be out October 29th. Yes, I know it’s a month early, but sometimes schedules need to change. This is a collab with a bunch of other authors for charity call Ace’s Wild Series, and I’m so excited for everyone to meet my boys. Leif and Russ are so sweet, and their story is one of hope and finding someone who understands what’s really important.

    The awesome list of authors and release dates are as follows:

    The third book in the series comes out this week!! You can find the series listing on Amazon HERE and each book will be added to it as they become available.

    Reindeer Games will be up for pre-order on the 25th October with the cover reveal!! Eeeeek!!

    And (yes, there’s one more thing lol)  I’m part of a giveaway for October!!

    October Giveaways!
    📕📘 $50 Gift Card + ebooks Giveaway! 📘📕
    Looking for some captivating reads to keep you company this October? Enter for a chance to win the below! Open internationally.
    ✔️ $50 Amazon (USD) gift card
    ✔️ 5 addictive MM Romance ebooks

    Link to enter:

    Other monthly ERS Giveaways:

    Okay that’s it for this week!  I told you it was busy 😉

    I better manage some words this week or I’ll be pissed. LOL So tune in this time next week to see if I managed to write AT ALL!

    Until then…

  • Good Morning Monday! What a Week…


    What a week indeed.  The release of Sir was fabulous, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who read and reviewed Sig, Levin, and Hunter’s story. Sir broke into the #1 in six or seven countries on release day, and is still doing really well. I’m so glad people are loving that little book! It was fun and very different, and I love using creative muscles I don’t get to use very often. Thank you guys, for supporting me and reading my books.


    You can find Sir at Amazon

    Be quick!

    Upside Down is still on sale at all retailers, but only for another couple of days. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, I strongly urge you to do so today. It will also be leaving wide distribution and heading back into Kindle Unlimited.

    You can find it at:


    Google Play


    Audio Releases


    After a lifetime in purgatory, Audible has FINALLY released THROUGH THESE EYES!!

    You can find it HERE!


    The audio of Finders Keepers is OUT NOW!!   You can find it HERE!


    And the audio of Galaxies and Oceans is up for pre-order!!

    You can find it HERE!


    Audio update: 

    I know at the beginning of the year, I had said there would be a range of audios coming out in 2019. That has since changed, and all future audio productions are on hold for the moment. Thus far, this year alone, I’ve had 9 or 10 already, which is a LOT.  The production of Sir has been scheduled for later in the year and that will be happening. I also believe Nova Praetorian will be out sometime soon as well, but apart from these two titles, audios will slow down for a while.

    Thank you for understanding.



    Tallowwood is now with my editor (yay!) and I’ve started something new! It’s only very new – this week has been kinda stressful in dealing with some stuff and was not kind for productivity and words, but I have started it so that’s something I guess. I can’t say much more about this new book than that at this point because it’s secret squirrel stuff. But it will be a lot of fun and I’m certain my readers’ will love it!

    Okies, that’s it for this week. Until then…


  • Sir is OUT NOW!




    I’m so excited to announce that Sir is OUT NOW!  Just so you know, this is very different to my usual thing.

    🖤 BDSM-lite
    🖤 MMM
    🖤 Romance


    Founded over four hundred years ago, Sanctus Infinitus Redemptio is a private and very elite society where dominance and submission are revered. Steeped in tradition and excellence, every Dominant and every submissive, and their pairing, are selected with great care.
    When Hunter Vargo is brought into the Sanctus, his need for strict dominance sees him paired with the wrong Master. But only a short time later, mistreated and his trust broken, he’s recalled, his collar removed. The Grand Master knows it will take a special kind of Dominant to restore the sub’s faith and trust.
    Sig Bruckner’s world is perfect. He has a great job, he has high standing within the Sanctus, and he has Levin, the very best submissive. When he’s asked to take on a second sub, a young man with issues and a rule not to touch him, Sig’s world is turned upside down.
    When his dominance, his patience, and self-control are tested, and when Sig’s relationships with both subs are pushed past his limits, everything begins to unravel. Yet Sig knows every good Dom learns from their subs, and he’s no exception. He might not be able to fix everything on his own, but perhaps the three of them together can.


    I loved giving these three men their story, so I hope you enjoy it too!!!!!

    And a quick reminder that UPSIDE DOWN is still just 99c!!




  • Good Morning Monday! Upside Down is now at all retailers!


    💜🖤 Upside Down is now available at all retailers!🖤💜



    I do try and cycle my books out of KU so everyone has a chance to grab them. I know that not everyone has/wants KU but unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil for me and my books in the way of visibility and reach. I do appreciate your understanding!  But if you haven’t met Jordan and Hennessy yet, you’re in for a treat!

    In Audio news, Through These Eyes (Blind Faith 2) and Sense of Place (Thomas Elkin 3) should be hitting the airwaves any day now.  I’m so excited for you guys to hear them. Narrators Michael Pauley and Nick Russo have done a FABULOUS job!


    In WIP news, my current torture device is at 55K words and is still going soooooo slow. It is research heavy, and my self-doubt is crippling me on this book. I have no clue what I’m doing and I’m pretty sure every word sucks LOL  Well, I don’t know about sucks, but I can say with absolute certainty that each word is hard fought for.  Still without a cover, still untitled, still un-finished LOL  I do LOVE these characters though, and if all else fails I hope that shows through.


    In other news, I’ll be taking a break from social media until this book is done. There is so much hate in the world right now and I’m beginning to think maybe that’s what’s killing my writing mojo. It’s depressing af, and I’m really struggling at the moment. Social media can be such a wonderful platform and I love the interaction with readers and other authors, and how we come together from all over the world to talk about books. I’ll still post my GMM post next week, and fingers crossed it will be to tell you that I’ve almost finished this book and things are looking up for me.

    Until then, much love.  And remember kids, if you can’t be nice, be quiet.

  • Good Morning Monday! Special Print Editions of Upside Down

    I’m very excited to announce that Upside Down is getting a limited-time only, special edition covers with metallic foil on the cover! Made by Kaligraphic, an Australian company, and I’m just a little bit in love!!

    I’ve only seen photos so far, and I can NOT wait to see these in real life! But check these beauties out!

    I don’t have any point of sale information at the moment, only that they will sell through me, not a retailer. I will have more details as I get them. I just wanted to share my excitement with you!

    It’s only the purple that is metallic, not the whole cover.

    In other news, I’ll be having a cover and blurb reveal soon for my next release, but in the mean time, there’s this…

    The title you might not have been waiting for!! LOL

    The Hate You Drink is with my editor as I type and I’ll be looking to release around May 23rd-ish (subject to change). It’s the story of  Monroe and Erik, a recovering alcoholic and his best friend. It’s friends-to-lovers, angsty, and full of N.R. Walker goodness!  Actual cover reveal coming soon!!

    Current WIP is going well. Words are flowing fast and I’m not going to say any more than that in case I jinx myself LOL.  Only that the MC’s name is Sig, he’s one sexy motherf*cker, and he’s about to have his whole world turned on its head. LOL

    Until next week!!

  • Autism Awareness Month! Childhood Memories, Blog Hop, and Giveaways!

    Autism fact: Autism is not a disease.

    It’s always a great honour for me to take part in RJ Scott’s Autism Awareness Blog Hop. And this year I took a trip down memory lane, waaaaaaay back to my childhood, and my favourite toys that I remember. I was never into anything overtly ‘girly’ (I’m still not LOL) and while my sisters would play dress-ups and cook and sew, I played with trucks, and explored the countryside with my cousins (who were all boys). We lived in a small country town, so I spent every spare minute outside, up trees, in gullies, making tree houses, and would only ever come home to eat.

    I can set rabbit traps, skin rabbits, make bows and arrows from weeping willow trees, ride motorbikes, skateboards, and horses. I can’t sew, I hate cooking, and the only two dresses I own are my wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress.

    But as a child, I don’t recall it ever being an issue. No one ever said (to me, anyway) that I couldn’t have something because it’s just for boys. I wasn’t bound by stereotypical gender roles. Maybe growing up in the 70s was different… I don’t know. But also as a child of the 70/80s, we didn’t have much of anything and the only time we ever received presents/gifts was on birthdays and at Christmas. It was also the only time we ever ate lollies and chips and fizzy drinks.

    Different times, indeed.

    Anyway, these are the toys I remember the most.


    The Tomy Tuneyville Music Train was my first Christmas present ever, and it worked for years and years. I got the Tonka Truck for my second birthday – apparently it was all I wanted. The Family Tree House belonged to me and my sisters, so I can’t claim it as mine alone but I did enjoy playing with it. And as I got a bit older, I loved Lego. I had the entire “Moon Landscape” series and I LOVED it. I would use my dad’s pool table and make an entire moon and if I needed extra villains I’d use my sister’s Strawberry Shortcake dolls and the big purple guy with the cool/evil moustache (I think his name is Purple Pieman LOL) and my moon Lego heroes would use their mineral detectors and laser tractor beams to catch him.

    Good times. (LOL! But clearly, my love for science fiction started at an early age….)

    I hope you’ve enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. It’s been fun!

    For the giveaway, I’d like to give one lucky reader the chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card. To enter, simply comment on this post and tell me what toy you remember from your childhood.

    Also, if you haven’t checked out my latest release UPSIDE DOWN yet, you can find it at Amazon

    And see for yourself why everyone is loving Jordan and Hennessy’s story!

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Upside Down is OUT NOW!!

    Yes, Upside Down has been released, and I’m SO thrilled with the reactions and the feedback I’ve received. Jordan and Hennessy have connected with a lot of readers, and that makes my little ace heart so very happy!!  On release day, Upside Down reached #1 in six countries, #2 in two other countries, and #3 in another!

    I’ve had private messages and emails from a lot of folks who just wanted to reach out and say thank you, and for a writer that’s an amazing compliment. I’m very honoured to be able to be able to do this, and to know I connect with people through words is pretty freaking awesome. So thank YOU, the readers, who make it all possible.

    Okay, enough with the sappiness!

    Here’s the details:

    Universal Amazon Link


    Jordan O’Neill isn’t a fan of labels, considering he has a few. Gay, geek, librarian, socially awkward, a nervous rambler, an introvert, an outsider. The last thing he needs is one more. But when he realises adding the label asexual might explain a lot, it turns his world upside down.
    Hennessy Lang moved to Surry Hills after splitting with his boyfriend. His being asexual had seen the end of a lot of his romances, but he’s determined to stay true to himself. Leaving his North Shore support group behind, he starts his own in Surry Hills, where he meets first-time-attendee Jordan.
    A little bewildered and scared, but completely adorable, Hennessy is struck by this guy who’s trying to find where he belongs. Maybe Hennessy can convince Jordan that his world hasn’t been turned upside down at all, but maybe it’s now—for the first time in his life—the right way up.

    Quick WIP update:

    It was a slow writing week last week (release weeks usually are) but it’s currently at 50K words and I would really LOVE to finish it this week. I’m not sure that’s likely, given there’s probably 15K to go, but I’m running out of time. I have my editors deadline, but also my kids will be on school holidays in two weeks and having people in my writing space kills my mojo.

    The story itself is angsty and about overcoming demons and finding your own strength. It’s a little different to my usual style (I think, anyway) but it’s friends to lovers, and fighting to be together, but they need to fix themselves apart first. It’s also a hot mess right now and I need to pull all the threads together to make it worth anything LOL.

    I will be doing a cover reveal in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that!

    Okies, that’s all for today! Until next week! <3

  • Good Morning Monday! An Upside Down Excerpt!

    It’s almost release day for Upside Down!!  So to celebrate, and to help get you excited, here’s an excerpt!  This is Jordan’s POV – he’s a rambler, and he’s funny 🙂

    I can’t wait for you all to meet them, and release day just might coincide with my birthday this week !

    I didn’t even notice that the room had cleared out. Merry had pulled up a chair at my side, but Hennessy sat with his knees between mine, holding my hand while I cried.
    I fucking cried.
    Through my stupid, traitorous tears, I caught the end of a silent conversation between Merry and him, my Headphones Guy.
    And then Merry rubbed my back before she walked out, and Hennessy squeezed my hand. “She’s just gone to get you a drink of water,” he said gently.
    “I don’t know why I’m crying,” I said, wiping my face with my free hand.
    “Because it can be overwhelming,” he said. His voice was calm and soft. “Because it can be life-affirming and scary as hell, all at the same time.”
    I nodded. “I don’t want another label, you know? Because I have enough. I have more than enough. Too many, probably, you know for a geeky book-nerd gay man with so many levels of social awkwardness Freud would need an elevator, but the labels fit. And I hate that they fit. Everything that was said here tonight was like it was said for me, like I was saying those things. I didn’t want this to happen,” I said, shaking my head, fighting more tears. “I wanted to come here and, well, that’s not exactly true. I didn’t want to come here at all; it was Merry’s idea. She suggested that I look into what being asexual meant. After my 683rd failed attempt at a relationship, she thought maybe I should see if I ticked any boxes on the ‘How To See If You Could Be Asexual’ questionnaire on Teen Vogue, and after I realised that I could almost tick all the boxes, I decided I didn’t want or need another label. So then I had to come here tonight to shut her up. I was going to prove her wrong and then I could go on living my best life being not asexual but just a gay man who didn’t actually want to have sex. A socially awkward, geeky book-nerd gay man,” I amended through more tears, “who doesn’t actually want to have sex. I’m sorry for crying. I wasn’t expecting the emotional dump, but I wasn’t expecting to feel so… lost and found. Like I once was lost but now I’m found, kind of like the song, which is cheesy as fuck and I didn’t mean it to sound like that. I just didn’t realise how hard I’d been trying to fit in with the real world, trying to be normal, when my normal was here all along. Because I really am asexual and it hit me like a metric fuckton of bricks that there’s actually nothing wrong with me.”
    And then there were more tears.
    “Because that’s my truth, even if I thought there was something wrong with me, and fuck knows I’ve been told there was, many times,” I said, wiping my face. “But there’s not. I’m asexual, and that’s my motherfucking truth whether I like it or not.”
    Hennessy smiled at me. With his perfect lips and perfect teeth, his pretty blue eyes, and three-day scruff. He looked so different without his headphones, like seeing someone who normally wears glasses without them. “There’s nothing wrong with you,” he said, still smiling, still holding my hand.
    “I’m sorry, were you not here for the geeky book-nerd gay man with so many levels of social awkwardness Freud would need an elevator conversation?”
    He laughed at that. “I believe I was, yeah.”
    “Sorry about that. I tend to babble a lot when I’m nervous. And swear. Well, I say fuck a lot even when I’m not nervous. I don’t have Tourette’s or anything, I just like the word fuck. The noun and adverb, even the adjective, not the verb obviously because I’m asexual. Apparently. So there is definitely no actioning of the word.”
    Hennessy chuckled. “No actioning of the word, got it.” He still had a hold of my hand, and I liked it. As in, really liked it. My Headphones Guy was holding my hand, and he was smiling at me, in what I think was not in a bad way. I mean, his smile was kind and his eyes were smiling too, if that was even possible. I mean, no it wasn’t possible—eyes could not physically smile, I got that—but damn, they sure looked happy.
    “How are you feeling now?” he asked.
    “A little weirded out,” I answered. “Not gonna lie. I didn’t want to admit the asexual thing to myself for a long time, and I’m thinking it will take some getting used to. Like breaking in a pair of Doc Martens, ya know? Like they’re uncomfortable and tight and basically kill your feet until they’re the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. They become like a second skin, and I’m pretty sure this whole asexual thing will be like that.”
    He made a thoughtful face. “I like that analogy.”
    “And it’s even weirder, because you’re my Headphones Guy and I had no idea you’d be here, but here you are and now you’re holding my hand and I cried in front of you, which is not how I wanted our first meeting to go. Believe me. I had visions of it involving me not being so… well, so me. And doing all the talking, because I tend to talk a lot when I’m nervous, which I think I’ve said already—”
    “I’m your Headphones Guy?”
    Oh fucking fuckity motherfucker. “I said that out loud, didn’t I? To your perfect face, and what kind of perfect name is Hennessy, by the way? Because—”
    A loud peal of laughter broke through the door when a couple, a guy and girl, stumbled into the backroom, their arms around each other, obviously intoxicated and handsy and half kissing, half laughing, until they realised the room wasn’t empty.
    I shot to my feet and pulled my hand away from Hennessy’s.
    “Oh, sorry guys,” the girl said.
    “Didn’t mean to interrupt,” the guy said. He took his hand off her arse to wave it. “Keep doing what you’re doing. We don’t mind. We thought this room was empty.”
    “We weren’t doing anything,” I said quickly.
    “Excuse me,” Merry said, sliding in around the drunk couple. She held three bottles of water. “Sorry, it took forever to get served. They’re really busy.”
    I’d never been happier to see her. “Oh, thank God.” I grabbed her arm and turned her back toward the door. “We need to leave. I called him my Headphones Guy to his perfect fucking face.”
    Merry shot Hennessy a look and held out a bottle of water for him. He took it, still smiling, though somewhat confused. Then Merry looked up at me as I dragged her to the door. “To his face?”
    “What was I supposed to do? You left me unsupervised!” I stopped at the couple who were still standing in the doorway, and only just then I realised what the guy had meant when he said they thought the room was empty… “Oh praise baby motherfucking Jesus, I hope you have antibacterial wipes.”
    Now Merry was hauling me out through the crowded pub. I yelled back at the couple, hoping they’d hear, “At least wipe it down afterwards, we have meetings in there!”
    We burst through the crowd onto the street and Merry looked up at me and sighed. “What else did you say?”
    “What didn’t I say?” I answered. “I was a mess, crying all over him because of the whole asexual thing, thank you very much. Then I was nervous and we both know how well that ends. And I think I might have told him that he was my Headphones Guy, that he had a perfect face and a perfect name, because who the fuck calls their kid Hennessy, and now he thinks I’m a raving lunatic because you. Left. Me. Un. Supervised.”
    Merry cracked her bottle of water, took a long drink, sighed, then hooked her arm around my elbow. “He really is very good looking,” she said as we began the walk back to my flat. “I can see why you’ve been crushing on him forever.”
    I took a swig of my water. “Fucking hell, I wish this was wine. Where is Jesus when you need him?”

    There are no pre-order links, the book will go live on the 21st.

    Much love and peace <3

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