Good Morning Monday! Special Print Editions of Upside Down

I’m very excited to announce that Upside Down is getting a limited-time only, special edition covers with metallic foil on the cover! Made by Kaligraphic, an Australian company, and I’m just a little bit in love!!

I’ve only seen photos so far, and I can NOT wait to see these in real life! But check these beauties out!

I don’t have any point of sale information at the moment, only that they will sell through me, not a retailer. I will have more details as I get them. I just wanted to share my excitement with you!

It’s only the purple that is metallic, not the whole cover.

In other news, I’ll be having a cover and blurb reveal soon for my next release, but in the mean time, there’s this…

The title you might not have been waiting for!! LOL

The Hate You Drink is with my editor as I type and I’ll be looking to release around May 23rd-ish (subject to change). It’s the story of  Monroe and Erik, a recovering alcoholic and his best friend. It’s friends-to-lovers, angsty, and full of N.R. Walker goodness!  Actual cover reveal coming soon!!

Current WIP is going well. Words are flowing fast and I’m not going to say any more than that in case I jinx myself LOL.  Only that the MC’s name is Sig, he’s one sexy motherf*cker, and he’s about to have his whole world turned on its head. LOL

Until next week!!


  • Cindy Ottinger

    Wow, I think you’re channeling Jordan here! Not sure I’ve seen you drop the motherf*cker before! (Had to point that out.) Just finished Upside Down, in case you couldn’t tell. Loved it and delighted in the Angus surprise. Did not. See that coming. Genius.

    Cindy aka Mrs Readsalot


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