Good Morning Monday! One Manuscript Ends, Another One Begins…

I feel like I should be holding up a baby lion to the theme song THE CIIIIIRCLE OF LIFE! This writing cycle never ends. One manuscript ends, one begins, betas start, edits start, proofing starts, one releases while one goes back into edits, and it all ebbs and flows and neverrrrrrrrrr ends. LOL!!!

But I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do. Even on the shittiest days, I still have the best job in the world. 🙂

So yes, I finished my manuscript. I think I wrote something like 21k words in six days! It finished at 81K, and I’ve sent it off to a beta reader to tell me if it sucks or not because I’m thinking it might. LOL

But while it’s off my desk, I’ll be exploring new characters and a plot idea. This one will be short and sexy. I’ve wanted to write it for years, and it never eventuated into anything then wham!! They knocked on my brain and were like, ‘skooomee? We’re ready now’ even though they don’t seem to care if I’m ready or not. LOL

But it WILL be short. I’m thinking maaaaaaybe 35-40k words.

Fingers crossed it behaves haha

So it’s just a super short post this week. I have an appointment at the dentist… (I would rather not have said appointment, but whatever LOL).

Thanks to everyone who has read and reviewed Upside Down! It was momentarily missing from Amazon US store over the weekend but it has been restored.

Oh, and the audio of Elements of Retrofit is ‘pending’ at ACX/Amazon so it should be any day now…

Until next week!  <3


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