Three’s Company

I finally finished my poly story. *wipes brow* I don’t know why this story was so hard for me to write, but I agonized over every little thing…

It is now in the very safe and talented hands of Bridgette (my beta) and I presume there will much editing to get it to the point of submission.

But it’s written at least. It’s 46K long before editing, so the final word count is yet to be determined.

But here are some pretty picture prompts…

And my most favourite EVER…

Adam’s tee-shirt has this on it

6 thoughts on “Three’s Company

  1. *BIG GRIN* Congrats on phase one of the process, Nic. Can't wait to read it when it's published.And thanks for the pretty pictures. One of these days I'm going to learn to open email alerts on my cell phone and not my work computer ;)And a special thanks to Bridgette for all that she does to help bring your stories to me/us.XOXO

  2. LOL I'm with Lisa. I need to remember not to open your updates at work! Loved it though! And I'm already in massive love with Adam. *swoon*Proud of you babe!<

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