Three’s Company

I have posted pictures of my three poly boys on my “In the Works” page, but thought I’d show them here too. 🙂

My main character is Wilson Curtis 

Then there’s Adam Preston…

And then there’s also Simon Stanford…

When looking for someone to help heal his broken heart, Wilson Curtis never dreamed he’d find two someones.

A m/m/m story to prove love isn’t always conventional.


  • FanFicCrazy

    I was coming here to ask you who Wilson was because I couldn't remember. However, on my way I realized he was the chef/husband of one of the brothers on Brothers & Sisters right? Then Simon was Adam and is that Jared that's Simon? LOVE them all!

  • Caitlin Ricci

    Hey from another Silver author! You chose some really good looking guys as characters and I love the last pic that you chose with the three guys laying together. That one is incredibly sweet.


    Yes, it's Luke McFarlane. He was on Brothers and Sisters. 🙂 And Simon Baker as Adam (Simon as Adam is confusing, yes? lol) and Jared Leto as Simon. They sure are gorgeous. 🙂


    Hi Caitlin!I always knew Jared Leto would be my Simon, but went scouting for pics that matched the men in my head. The other two matched perfectly…And the pic of the three guys laying on the grass is beautiful. I'll ask if it can be used for the cover ;)Thanks for dropping by and saying hi!Nic

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