Why Free??

Soooooo, I’ve re-written two of my old fanfics, and they are now available as FREE READS. You can download them directly from this blog. (See the tab at the top with Free-Reads PDF – go there and click on the links.) 

I’m not posting this to enter into any P2P debate, because well, I’m just not. If you would like to rant about the ethics or popularity of P2P, please click on the little red x in the top right corner of your screen. Thanks.

So why am I doing this?  

Short answer is: I wanted these characters to live a new life, and because they were free once, they shall remain free.   

Now for the long answer:  I don’t care about P2P. If you want to publish something you wrote once upon a time with different names, then go right ahead. If you want to strip naked and run through the street, go right ahead. If you want to wear your undies on the outside, on your head, or not at all, go right ahead. 

I don’t care. 

I personally feel (and I say that, because it’s just my opinion) people can do whatever the hell they want. It’s not my place to judge, or to be judged. I’m a live-and-let-live kinda person.  

I’ve decided to use these re-written fanfics as Free-Reads, because it suits me. Yes, I wanted these characters to live again, but for me personally, I didn’t feel comfortable in charging for them. 

That doesn’t mean I’m pro or anti anything. 

It’s just what suited me. 

And just so you all know, rewriting these stories cost me both time and money. I had to pay for the cover pictures (so as to not infringe on any copyright) and some very good people spent hours helping with editing. 

When I say rewritten, not only are the names and locations different (obviously) but I’ve also changed from present tense to past tense, and with over 120K words, it was a long and arduous task. There are bound to be typos and errors, so just ignore them. Deal with it, and read them for what they are, which is free.

But with all that said, yes, offering these stories as free-reads also gives new readers the opportunity to get a taste of my writing for free. It also is a bit of a thank you for those who have stuck with me, and supported me. A little gift, from me to you, if you will.

Like I said before, I won’t be entering into any kind of debate on P2P. Any and all ranty comments regarding the issue will be ignored and/or deleted.

Now for the love of God, enough with the serious stuff. Go click on the links and enjoy some good m/m loving!!!!  



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