Publishing update


Unfortunately, I’m still none the wiser about when my stories will be available again. At this point, it looks like there will be quite a wait 🙁

I’ve sent them all off to one particular publisher and still haven’t heard. I’m hoping they’ll love me and take all of them… *crosses fingers and wishes really hard*

So, for the record, the titles I’m waiting to hear about are:

* Taxes and TARDIS
* Point of No Return
* Three’s Company
* Breaking Point (have to wait to see if they want PoNR 1 first)
* The Thomas Elkin Series (three-part novella series)

Technically it’s seven titles, so believe me, I’m checking my inbox ALL the time… 

I’m trying to stay positive, and keeping up with the writing, but to be honest, it’s disheartening.  To have books released is such a high, and to have them taken down is just as equally depressing, not to mention stressful. 

But in all that, I have created Tom and Cooper and I adore them. As in, seriously LOVE them.  I’m about one third through the third and final novella, Sense of Place, and I can’t wait to see them published.  

Also, I’d like to thank everyone for the love and support for Blind Faith!  I’ve done the first-round edits on the sequel, Through These Eyes, and I’ve changed the ending. It now opens up an avenue for Mark to have a short story of his own. 🙂  No promises, and seriously NO clue when it can be written, but the idea is there. 

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for the emails and pm’s asking where they can get my books. Hopefully I will have good news soon!!


  • FanFicCrazy

    Oh bb, I can only imagine how stressful it must be. 🙁 I have to believe the slow response is because they're overrun with submissions. I refuse to believe that any publisher wouldn't be thrilled to have your books. Keep your chin up, it WILL happen! Though they better hurry the f*** up because I NEED Matt and Kira and I need to meet Tom & Cooper yesterday!!! <3 u!


    Hey bb!!I'm hoping beyond hope. Every day I check my emails a dozen times and I'm disappointed every time. 🙁 Fingers crossed bb. Thanks for all your love and support bb. *hugs*

  • Oh My Gigi!

    Try not to worry, you are very talented writer and I personally love your stories, you will find the perfect publisher for you someone who will appreciate how talented you are so just hang in there.

  • Sarah

    I'm here because I read Three's Company and was looking for Point of No Return. I love Three's Company. I hope you get your books republished. And that you hear soon! Hang in there!

  • d691a036-bed3-11e1-ac1f-000bcdcb471e

    I am so so glad that I bought all of your books before they took them down!! I just finished blind faith and I thought it was incredible.I hope the publishing problems get resolved soon,because I need some more Matt and Kira soon ( like yesterday ) Lol! But really, I can't see any publisher not wanting to publish your books. They are fantastic!!!Barbara Arrowood

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