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Okay, so I have some news…

First of all, I’d seriously like to thank every single person who has bought and read, loved or hated my books. 

I’ve met some amazing people, both readers and authors alike, who for all the little words of encouragement, thanks and love, have reminded me why I do this.

I’m new to this publishing game, and when I was first published it was a real dream come true. But, all love of writing aside, it’s a serious business. I’ve learned some incredibly difficult lessons, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. 

Two weeks ago, I was ready to quit. Seriously. I never wanted to bother again. It was too hard, too heartbreaking, too much. 

Then, like the universe knew, I got a run of emails from readers who simply just wanted to thank me for writing. 

I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant. 

And that is why I didn’t quit. (Well, that, and the voices in my head probably wouldn’t have let me…)

So please, take this as a very heart-felt thank you. I am really, very grateful.

Now onto the news part…

In the next few days, Blind Faith will be unavailable for purchase. 

So yes, that means I will go from having four books published and two coming-soon titles, to having none available. At all.  

I know, believe me, I know. I’ve mentioned heartbreak and stress, yes?

But, the good news is I will be re-releasing Blind Faith as a self-published title and then the sequel, Through These Eyes shortly after. (For those who know me, know technology and I have a mutual dislike for each other, so this is kind of daunting for me…)

Anyway, I’m hoping to have Through These Eyes published before it was due to come out on March 30th. I’ll be aiming for mid-to-late March, so please, watch this space for news. 🙂

In other news, my Thomas Elkin series has been accepted at Total-E-Bound!!!!

I don’t have a release date yet (maybe September-ish?) but it will be a three-part series. I’m working on some pre-edits for the first installment, Perfect Retrofit, right now. 

But this is much anticipated, much needed good news!!

No word yet on my other titles.  But at any rate, I’d be surprised if they’ll be re-released this year. 🙁  I really wanted Matt & Kira’s second story out this year, but that’s in the hands of the powers that be.  I might even try and get something else self-published so I’m not bookless for most of this year. 

Okay that’s all my news for now. 

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me. I hope to have more news soon.


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  • pea02

    I'll be purchasing Through These Eyes as soon as it's released! And, may I say, I have reread Sixty Five Hours (and its holiday accompaniment) several times since discovering it last month? Best wishes to you – I'm looking forward to the next story (and the one after that, and the one after that…)

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