Blind Faith is back!

Blind Faith is back!!

I have amazing new covers and banners for Blind Faith, made the ever so lovely and talented Sara York. 

Isn’t it just beautiful?  Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Sara for her hard work and understanding. This is the Isaac I used as a picspiration from the very beginning, and to now have him on the cover is just amazing!  

The book is now available again for sale!!  Yay!  So I’m not an un-published, published author any more!! 

At Smashwords  Buy Here!!
At Amazon Buy Here!!
I’ll have it up at other sites over the weekend, and fingers crossed I’ll have the sequel up sooner than expected, but no later than March 15th.

I have re-released this book at a reduced rate of $3.99, which is a fair price for a 48,000 word book. The sequel, Through These Eyes is 69,000 words and will hit the shelf at $5.99.

A very big thank you, to everyone who has supported me and showed patience and kindness during what has been a fairly stressful time.

Hugs to you all. 


  • Miri

    congratulation. so glad to see the book back for sale.I've just finish reading it, and I can't wait for the sequal.I realy love your work, and I hope your other books will be back on sale soon, I didn't get the chance to buy "Point of no return" before it was off the shelf.will the books be availabe in print also?

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