Meet Teegan Loy…

Okay, boys and girls,

I haz a excited!!!

I have someone very special to me on my blog today. I met Teegan Loy some years ago through a mutual love of slash m/m sexing in fanfiction.

She’s a bit of a writing buddy for me. We cheer each other on, and kick each other’s ass when required. More often than not, we tend to talk about m/m obsessions like tumblr porn and 1D (don’t judge).

When I first got published, Teegan held my hand while I freaked out on release day.  

Teegan’s been published before, she has releases out there (really, check them out. You won’t be disappointed) but this release, these boys, her hockey boys, are special.

So without further adieu, please make very welcome, Teegan Loy…

First off, thanks to the wonderful NR Walker for having me on her blog. I feel like we should be sitting across from each other having a drink or a cup of coffee. But alas, we live on opposite ends of the world. I mean, she’s in summer and I’m in winter. She lives kind of close to the ocean. To reach an ocean, I would have to drive at least 1500 miles east or west. My goodness, there might be some sort of sad love story there if we change the characters from girls to boys. Aha, my Slash is showing. However, I do not want to classify myself as strictly an m/m romance writer. I am a storyteller. As of this moment, I am a published m/m romance author with hopes of venturing into young adult and gasp, mainstream hetro.
Okay, getting off track. I’m guesting on this Blog because I have a book coming out on March 2nd through Silver Publishing called Frozen Hearts. I’m excited, nervous, and sick to my stomach. NR is probably going to have to virtually hold my hand when the book goes live, because this whole publishing thing is her fault. She was the one who encouraged me to send my stuff off to a publisher. I rolled my eyes but took her advice. I didn’t think it would ever happen and then the “YES” came in the wee hours of the night and I almost died.
My hockey boys are near and dear to me. Not only because they are my first stand-alone novel, but also because I’m a huge fan of the sport and the boys who play hockey. This particular story was actually inspired by a song. I wrote the “almost” ending before I wrote anything else listening to Be Still by The Fray. My hope is that the reader falls in love with Erik and Tyce like I did. Be warned, the story is not all sweet boy love and roses.
Forced to live a lie for an image, the best college hockey player in the nation is quitting the game. Can Erik make peace with his past and the boy he left behind, or will he fold under the pressure.

As I was writing this blog spot, I signed a contract for a short sports story, called The Magic Broom that will be released in June through Dreamspinner Press. I’m also close to finishing up a full-length m/m romance novel called Echoes of Us.  I’m sure I’ll be pitching it and hoping that someone will pick it up and publish it. My next project will bring me back to the ice with a story called Picks and Pucks.
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  • FanFicCrazy

    Awww I remember following along while you were writing them, I remember being on twitter then night you got the answer! What fun and excitement! Seems like I've been waiting a long time for these boys! Will read soon! Congrats Teegan! And I'll see you both on the 1D side! LOL XO

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