Red Dirt Heart, Book of the Month!


Red Dirt Heart has been voted BOOK OF THE MONTH on Boy’s in our Books review blog!!!  You can check out the deets here:

It’s very exciting for me, and awesome and humbling and exciting and awesome!

Seriously, this was me

Through These Eyes and Other News


And when I think about the incredible people who read and reviewed and voted for these boys



And in other exciting and awesome news…

I have contracted Blind Faith, Through These Eyes and Blindside to be translated into Italian and French!!  Carter and Isaac, Mark and Will are off to share the love in different languages 

multilanguage love


I will post more about release dates when I have them, but both are expected to release at approximately the same time, which I’m hoping will be in about six months 🙂

And, although it’s very very very early stages, there could also be a release of Red Dirt Heart as an Audiobook. One day. Maybe.   Will post more when I know more. 

In WIP news, writing of the sequel to Red Dirt Heart is slow going. Real life is a priority right now, so I really have no clue for any kind of release date.

In more news, Taxes and TARDIS will be out on Amazon on March 21st, and that is the same day you can get the re-released version of Three’s Company from Totally Bound.   I will post buy-links when I have them…

taxesandtardis_thumbnail threescompany_thumbnail

And that’s all from me on the writing news front for a little while. 🙂  Thanks again to all my fabulous readers for giving me the warm and fuzzies.  Please have another dreamy, swoony Jeremy Renner gif  to brighten your day



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