Birthday giveaway!

Whose birthday is it??



(Okay, so technically my birthday is the 21st…)

But it’s only natural that I celebrate said birthday with some giveaways!  Check out these amazing prizes!!!

There are:

2 x paperback copies of Red Dirt Heart
5 x digital copies of Red Dirt Heart
3 x digital copies of Three’s Company (released March 21st)
3 x digital copies of Taxes and TARDIS
5 x Your choice of my catalogue (five lucky separate winners)

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WordPress is being a twat and won’t load the widget, so I’ve added the helicopter pic and linked the URL.  You can also visit my Facebook Author page and click on the widget link there 🙂

How do you enter??

USING THE RAFFLECOPTER (click on the helicopter picture),

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Post a comment below, on this blog.   

You must click on the little rafflecopter button that will link you straight to whichever option you’d prefer 🙂   It really is that simple!

Even though my birthday is the 21st, this bundle of awesomeness starts TOMORROW and will run until the 24th March!


  • fionab2008

    Hope you were spoilt rotten. Have really enjoyed reading your books, i have read through nearly all of them and very glad I only sleep 4 hours a night. With us like yourself going into Autumn I am looking forward to the longer nights and colder weather as this is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and read.

  • dpiazzi

    My favorite books have taken me everywhere, to sunny island locations, to crime scenes, to the bedroom of two men who love each other deeply. My favorite books have taken me to a place where I’ve gained more compassion, empathy, and understanding.. Where love is love and it doesn’t matter if it’s between a man and woman or two men, even three. My favorite books have taken me to a place where my heart is happy. Happy Birthday N.R. The books I’ve read of yours are fantastic, and I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Runell

    Happy Birthday!

    My favorite books are the books that no matter how terrible a day I have had, they make everything better because I’m no longer in my world but the character’s world. I forget everything, and only remember them.

  • Paul Berry

    Happy Birthday! One of my fav books took me to a place where being gay was the norm and being str8 was the outcast…..a special place I say!

  • Give A Rush

    Yay! It’s your birthday. Have a party. It’s your birthday. Have a party. (Psst…She can’t sing worth a crap! LOL) I hope wherever you live it was nice enough weather-wise and that you had a fantabulous blast! Thanks for your generosity and I’m looking forward to reading more of your fabulous stories! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Carolyn Veith

    Happy birthday! I hope you had your pizza and wine! I love reading your books and am so glad to learn you are turning to full time writing. I’m just starting Blindsided–can’t wait to see how Mark’s story turns out.

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