What a birthday, indeed!

Today is a busy day!

First I have the ongoing giveaway contest for an awesome stash of books.  Winners will be drawn on the 24th, so there are still 3 days to enter!  There are 18 books (2 paperbacks, 16 ebooks) in total to be won.

If you’re only just reading about this birthday contest now and you want to be in with a chance to win, the link is:


Another awesome thing happening today is the re-release of THREE’S COMPANY.

The Totally Bound buy link for Three’s Company is 




For me, it means the very last of my withdrawn-from-my-old-publisher-books are now available again.

Speaking of which, today also marks the day that Taxes and TARDIS (Another one of my re-releases) hits Amazon and ARe.   


It’s been a long 15 months to get to this point. I know, it’s taken longer than I’d originally thought or hoped it would. I had to fight to get these books back, and it hasn’t been easy, but this day is finally here.  

So it’s a rather special day. 

Oh, and it’s my birthday too.   😀

Now if I could just convince the hubs to take the kids out tonight, leaving me to enjoy an hour or two of peace and quiet (with calorie-free pizza and non-hangover-inducing wine), it just might be the perfect day. 


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