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    I’m so excited to announce that Sir is OUT NOW!  Just so you know, this is very different to my usual thing.

    🖤 BDSM-lite
    🖤 MMM
    🖤 Romance


    Founded over four hundred years ago, Sanctus Infinitus Redemptio is a private and very elite society where dominance and submission are revered. Steeped in tradition and excellence, every Dominant and every submissive, and their pairing, are selected with great care.
    When Hunter Vargo is brought into the Sanctus, his need for strict dominance sees him paired with the wrong Master. But only a short time later, mistreated and his trust broken, he’s recalled, his collar removed. The Grand Master knows it will take a special kind of Dominant to restore the sub’s faith and trust.
    Sig Bruckner’s world is perfect. He has a great job, he has high standing within the Sanctus, and he has Levin, the very best submissive. When he’s asked to take on a second sub, a young man with issues and a rule not to touch him, Sig’s world is turned upside down.
    When his dominance, his patience, and self-control are tested, and when Sig’s relationships with both subs are pushed past his limits, everything begins to unravel. Yet Sig knows every good Dom learns from their subs, and he’s no exception. He might not be able to fix everything on his own, but perhaps the three of them together can.


    I loved giving these three men their story, so I hope you enjoy it too!!!!!

    And a quick reminder that UPSIDE DOWN is still just 99c!!




  • Good Morning Monday! An Excerpt from Sir and a SALE on Upside Down


    It’s been a super busy week in Walkerville. I finished the first draft of Tallowwood, and it’s now with some beta-readers. It came to a total of 96K words (before edits, obv) and I’m waiting for feedback to see how much it sucks. LOL

    It’s release week for SIR!!!! I’m so excited for you all to meet Sig, Levin, and Hunter. Though I would warn you all, it’s a stretch from my usual thing, there is quite a LOT of sex but it is relationship-based, as all my books are. And last week I promised an excerpt, and so I shall deliver…



    The Mercedes slowed around the grand driveway, stopping in front of the huge manor. The Casa di Salvezza was a remarkable nod to history and grand architecture, and a buzz thrilled through me every time I came here. One of Colton’s boys, Phillip, opened my door. He offered a polite smile before bowing his head. “Good evening, Sir.”
    I nodded my acknowledgement and stepped out of the car. I straightened my jacket and ran my hand through my hair. A touch of grey flecked at my temples, but the brown mostly matched my eyes. It was otherwise short and tidy; impeccably neat, like everything in my life. Structured, organised, understated but distinguished. I glanced up at the huge stone building, the windows glowing warm and inviting, and I walked to the door, knowing Levin would follow. Without prompting, without even a look, he read my cues.
    The perfect submissive.
    My perfect submissive.
    Levin had been in my care for two years. He had dark hair, blue eyes, and fair skin that flushed beautifully when he laughed and when he orgasmed. Other Doms would probably say I was too lenient on the boy or I spoiled him, but Levin was different. He was smart, sometimes a little cheeky, warm and kind, and completely insatiable. He has been chosen for me by Colton. Colton, my old Master, my Master still, had an uncanny ability to choose the perfect partner.
    Dominant to submissive, Master Colton had a gift for forging bonds between pairings. As far as I knew, he’d never failed.
    I hadn’t been Colton’s sub for nearly a decade. He taught me everything I know. I had no obligation to fall to my knees in front of him, but I would. No matter how long it had been since he called me his sub, he would always be my Master.
    Even though I’d been a Master in my own right for ten years, we would still meet regularly and talk over coffee. At least every six weeks, not including play sessions. He was my mentor, my adviser, but I’d like to think he was also my friend. We’d discuss the trials and tribulations of being a Master, of having the responsibility of subs, the latest goings on in this dominion, and in the other dominions in other countries.
    This dominion I was part of, like all dominions in the Sanctus, had three Grand Masters: Jürg, Valente, and Colton. Each had a specialty, an area of expertise. All three were exceptional men. With traditions spanning centuries and unimaginable wealth, the Sanctus was an exclusive, elite community, and one I was honoured to be part of.
    Each member was chosen with a specific purpose—mine being medicine—ensuring the dominion remained self-sufficient. We didn’t have to look outside of our own dominion for expertise. Real estate, stock markets, even our mechanics and house cleaners were all part of the dominion.
    There were rules. Many rules, but none more important than the first.
    Keep the secret.
    As I approached the huge wooden front doors to Master Colton’s manor, I knew Levin was following. I could hear his quiet footfalls two steps behind me. I didn’t have to turn around to know he’d be walking with his head slightly bowed, his shoulders squared, and his hands clasped behind his back.
    Master Colton was right.
    Levin was perfect for me. He read me, as I did him. He was dedicated and willing, his submission to me a true gift.
    Colton had matched other Doms perfectly with their subs, which was why I was surprised he called me, requesting to see me urgently.
    He’d gotten one wrong, he’d said.
    He needed me to come, it was a matter of importance, he’d said.
    Bring Levin, he’d told me.
    Which was why we were here.
    The doors opened before me, and we stepped inside. The marble foyer was impressive, as was the entire estate. Stefan, Colton’s first sub, a pretty, dark-haired boy, greeted us with a nod. “Master will be pleased,” he said quietly, and ignoring the immense staircase in front of us, we turned to the left and walked through to the sitting room, where I was asked to wait. The doors closed silently behind him.
    The room was delicately dressed in fine antiques; ironic, considering the furniture in the several playrooms downstairs. There were two French provincial chairs, and I deduced I was to sit on one of them.
    Levin silently knelt beside me. Dressed in my standard required attire of faded jeans, he also wore a black T-shirt, a coat, and boots for the weather. He rested on his heels.
    A sight to behold, my sub.
    He hid his anxiety well. Kneeling beside me now, no one would guess he was nervous about coming here. He’d wondered why Colton had insisted on his presence. He thought for one horrible, fleeting second that he was being recalled.
    “I don’t want you to leave me,” he’d whispered. “I could never belong to anyone else. Not as I belong to you.”
    I’d dismissed that, reassuring him Master Colton had not implied any such thing. I’d reassured him ultimately it was my decision if I kept him as my own or even his decision if he wished to remove his collar. “Never,” he’d whispered, so then I’d reassured him with my cock.
    Just how he liked it.
    When the doors reopened and Colton walked in, he held a piece of paper, and I could tell he was uneasy. Colton sat in the chair across from me, worry lines marring his brow. His third sub, Mikhail, knelt quickly beside him, assuming the same position as my Levin.
    “Thank you for coming on such short notice,” Colton said.
    “Of course.”
    “Sig,” he started. “You know me well.”
    I nodded. “And I can tell you are troubled.”
    He frowned again and sighed. “I am.”
    “What is it?”
    “I failed a submissive,” he said quietly.
    Instinctively, I was quick to leave the chair and kneel in front of him, in a pose that mirrored Levin’s. “I don’t believe it.”
    “It’s true,” he admitted. “I paired a Dom and sub, and they were . . . not compatible.”
    Compatible. I didn’t like how the word sounded. Not all bonds are for life; some last years, some don’t. But this sounded . . . different. I couldn’t quite marry what he was saying with the man I knew. “Please explain so I understand.”
    “A boy was brought into the Sanctus a few weeks ago. I oversaw him. He’s a dear boy; a boy who needs strict boundaries. I paired him with Lazzaro.”
    I winced at the mention of his name. I knew many Doms who practised S&M and they were good people. But Lazzaro had a coldness about him. He had the hollow stare of a manipulator, a sociopath.
    Colton didn’t miss my reaction to the mention of Lazzaro’s name and he let out a sad sigh. “Yes. Last night, Lazzaro brought him here to do a scene and I noticed marks on him that contravened his hard limit. Valente and I recalled him. Lazzaro has been relegated to a sub in training with Valente.”
    Quite a demotion indeed. Stripped of his rank, stripped of his sub, and sent back to training. Valente would not tolerate such blatant abuse of power and disrespect of a sub in his care. His retraining would be harsh and thorough. Though Lazzaro was not my concern.
    “Does the boy need medical attention?” I asked, my first priority.
    Colton gave a slight shake of his head. “Please, sit as equal with me,” he said, nodding to the seat I’d been sitting in.
    Equal? Never . . .
    Though I did as he asked, choosing silence over disagreeing with him. “The boy is physically fine. He’d used a whip on him, and that breached his hard limits. The welts weren’t that bad; he’d provided good aftercare.”
    Sig frowned. “If he broke his trust and hurt him, then provided aftercare . . . That’s an abusive powerplay. Did he hurt him then soothe him and tell him it was his fault, that he wouldn’t have been whipped if he’d behaved better? Master Colton, that’s—”
    He raised his hand. “I know. And Lazzaro will learn this lesson, believe me.” He sighed heavily. “But now the boy has been recalled. He’s had his trust breached, he had his submission thrown back in his face, and now, he’s struggling mentally.”
    My field is medical; I’m a doctor, not a psychologist. “Why have you called me? If the boy needs a psychologist, surely Ephraim is better equipped.”
    Colton smiled, almost sadly. “I need you to take him. I need you to take him as a second submissive.”
    I blinked, turning his request over in my head before glancing toward Levin, who had not moved a muscle.
    “I know Levin is your first concern,” Colton admitted. “I know you to be a strict but fair Dominant. But I also know you’re compassionate; one who punishes and uses as required but who also cares deeply for his subs.”
    “Tell me about him.”
    Colton handed me the piece of paper he was holding. “His name is Hunter Vargo. He’s twenty-three. He’d been with a Dom outside of our dominion who feared he lacked the skills required for such a boy. He needs twenty-four seven submission. I took him in; he’s very dedicated. I found him to thrive under strict domination, but . . .”
    “Look at his form,” Colton said, nodding to the piece of paper. It was a sexual soft and hard limit form. Each and every person who entered into the Sanctus was required to fill it out, and any Dom worth his salt would insist a sub’s forms were redone often, discussed and negotiated at length.
    This form was decidedly empty, except for one hard limit. “He has a hard limit of whipping,” Colton said.
    “That’s not uncommon,” I conceded.
    “Whipping of any kind,” Colton added quietly. “When you see him, you’ll understand.”
    I nodded. If Colton said as much, then I took it as truth and would wait until I saw the boy for myself. But this form . . . I turned the paper over in my hand. It was blank. “There’s nothing else marked or noted.”
    “Yes. An oversight. The system we have in place has never failed anyone before . . .”
    I frowned. “But his one and only hard limit was breached? The failure was with Lazzaro.”
    “All responsibility and failures stop with me. I allowed Lazzaro a position of Dom, and clearly he’s not worthy. When Hunter was ready to go with a Dom, after his initial training with me, he said he understood everything, he was ready . . .” Master Colton shook his head. “I think he told me what I wanted to hear. He wanted to please me, so he agreed. I should have seen that. I should have known better. For me now, the incident with Lazzaro is a separate issue. The first issue is mine. I failed this boy. Not just the Sanctus and our traditions. Me.”
    We were both quiet for a moment. While Master Colton was responsible for all members in this dominion and would bear the weight of blame, I had a hard time agreeing that he was entirely at fault.
    Colton sighed. “I want you to take Hunter. I wouldn’t ask anyone else. He’s a special case. And he needs a Dominant I can trust, Sig. And there is no one I would trust more.”
    “I’m honoured.”
    But a second submissive?
    “I already have three subs. I am unable to take on another,” Master Colton continued. “Otherwise I would. I let this boy down, and now I feel obligated to ensure his care. Someone who I know will do right by him.”
    As alarming as this was, I could never have denied Colton. He asked me to take this boy on. And so, I would. Again, I left my chair and knelt before my old Master. “It would be an honour to do as you have asked of me.”
    A smile graced his voice when he spoke again. “One of my greatest subs,” he whispered. Colton threaded his fingers through my hair, pulling my head up so I looked at him. “It’s why I ask you to do this. Because I know you will teach him as I taught you. Care for him as I care for you.”
    A rush of pride warmed my chest. I smiled at the compliment, at the gentle touch of his hand. “Of course.”
    “I have told Hunter that in light of his recent mistreatment and the betrayal of his Dom, I would impose a one-week trial with you.”
    I looked up at that, shocked. The Sanctus rarely applied such trials. “Oh?”
    “Yes. And I know you like to pet your boy and reward him with a hand in his hair. And I will allow that. You can reassure him and reward him with gentle touch, though I would impose a rule of no sexual contact in that time. I want him to trust you and be sure it’s right. I want him to feel safe before he is used again in that way. Let him see how you operate before he decides if you’re a match.”
    I gave him a nod. “A cautious and fair decision.”
    Colton’s fingers found my hair again. “Though you can let him watch, if he wishes. I’m sure Levin would like that.”
    I smiled and kissed Colton’s palm.
    “Come,” Colton said as he stood. “I want you to meet your new sub.”


    Sir will be live on the 25th – there will be no pre-orders. It will be exclusive to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. I’ll post again with the buylinks when I have them.





    For a short time only – grab it now!


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    This week will be spent doing some research for my next book (which will be a short 20K-word story) and of course release day for Sir on the 25th. I will be away with my son’s basketball next weekend so there won’t be a Good Morning Monday post next  Monday, but there will be one on the 25th (Thursday) for release day with the buylink for Sir on Amazon!

    Hope you all love Sig, Levin, and Hunter as much as I do…

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday ~ First Draft From Hell Is Done!


    OMG finally finally finally!! The first draft of this bloody book is done!! It’s very rough and needs a mountain of work and fixing before I can send it off to beta-readers, but it’s DONE!!  It came in at a rather plump 95,400 words. I had originally thought it would be three x 30,000-word novellas, but the characters were adamant it be one book. The word count was pretty much the same either way, but I think it will make for a better reading experience.

    And the title?


    Tallowwood is a fictional town where the majority of the book takes place. It’s set in Australia, the two main characters are Detective August Shaw and Senior Constable Jacob Porter. August is from Sydney, and he’s a reclusive guy, isolated and kind of grumpy. He works the cold case division. Jacob is an Indigenous man, lots of fun, very smart, very sociable. Jacob’s next case is tied to August’s and so the two have to work together.

    It was daunting as hell to write. I’ve never done a murder/mystery style book before and considering I don’t plan or outline a single thing, it made it rather difficult. LOL  My brain is my worst enemy!

    I’m so relieved it’s done. This week will be spent fixing it, adding and deleting accordingly. And I will probably add an epilogue, just to wrap it up with a bow. Because that’s how I like my books written 😉



    Sense of Place is FINALLY live!!

    You can find it at Audible

    I’m still waiting for Through These Eyes to go live. It’s been approved by ACX for FOUR weeks but still nothing 🙁   Fingers crossed it will be soooon!!

    Blindside (Blind Faith 3) has been sent and approved by ACX and at this rate it’s likely to be approved before Book 2 in the series. *long suffering sigh*


    The Italian translation of Breaking Point is up for pre-order! You can find it HERE!  And the cover is gorgeous!


    I’ve also signed the contracts to have another four books translated in Italian – Galaxies and Oceans, Finders Keepers, Switched, and The Hate You Drink, will all be finding their way to Italy over the next 18 months!  I love my Italian publisher, Triskell Edizioni <3

    My kids are off school for one more week. I will be mostly self-editing Tallowwood this week, and finalising the file of SIR (ebook and paperback) which is due for release on July 25th. It’s all happening folks!  Always busy and loving it!

    I’ll have an excerpt for SIR next week for you all!! Super excited for you all to meet Sig, Levin, and Hunter!

    Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday! July 1st…

    I don’t know how the hell it’s July 1st already, but holy shit. The year is half over! Pretty sure it was just February last week, so I’m not sure how the hell it’s July but here we are LOL

    Just a super quick post this week.

    I’m still waiting for Through These Eyes and Sense of Place to go live on Audilbe. I can’t believe it’s taken this long! (See? I can complain about time going too fast and too slow at the same time – it’s a talent I have LOL)  Though I’m sure they’ll go live as soon as I hit publish on this post. Because that’s how Murphy’s Law works 😉

    In WIP news, I’m still not done. I know I said I’d give myself to the end of the month to finish it, but if I quit now, that’d be a month worth of writing wasted. Kinda puts me in a pickle. I *want* to finish this damn book! I adore the characters but damn, it’s painfully slow. I’m now at 67K. And I’m thinking there’s maybe 10-12K to go. I’m getting to the juicy part of the book, and given it’s a murder mystery, it’s exciting! But my kids finish school at the end of this week (just for two weeks holiday) so the pressure is on to get these last chapters written while I have the time!!

    Oh, and I also have a title and a cover for this WIP so I guess that’s something…

    I’m also doing final edits on SIR, then it’s off to proofreaders. Release date should be approx 25th July but that may change – depending on real life issues. We all know how that is.

    Okies, told you it was a short post!

    I’ll be logging out of social media again this week to make myself WRITE!  Take care, and remember folks, if you can’t be kind, be quiet.

    Until then…

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