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  • Code Red is just 99c!


    You can also grab the audio at a reduced price as well! But it’s only for this week so be quick 🙂



    Maddox Kershaw is the main vocalist of the world’s biggest boy band. He’s at the top of every music chart, every award show, every social media platform, and every sexiest-man-alive list. He’s the bad boy, the enigma, the man everyone on the planet wants a piece of.

    He’s also burned out and exhausted, isolated and lonely. Not in a good headspace at the start of a tour.

    Roscoe Hall is Maddox’s personal manager. His job is high-flying, high-demand, high-profile, and he loves it. Maddox has consumed his entire life for the past four years. Roscoe knows him. He sees the real Maddox no one else gets to see.
    He’s also in love with him.

    When the tour and stress become too much, when the world begins to close in, Roscoe becomes Maddox’s lifeline. But as Maddox knows already, and as Roscoe is about to learn, the brighter the spotlight, the darker the shadow.



    I’m also very excited to tell you I’m taking part of a shared world! My book is LEARNING CURVE, the story of Cobey and Vincent. And check out Vincent on the cover!




    Cobey Green
    There I was, moving into the dorms at Franklin U, and not into the shared party house I’d lived in my freshman year. Last year had been all about football and parties, not schoolwork. Which was why my grades tanked, and why I was one failed class away from being kicked off the team.
    Why I needed to live on campus, and find myself a tutor.
    Funny that my new roommate just happened to be a tutor. Funny that he was oblivious to how hot he is. For a smart guy, he was pretty clueless. Maybe I could tutor him in how to be more outgoing in exchange for help with calculus? I could teach him how to talk to people, how to make new friends. Hell, maybe I could even help him punch his V card.
    Actually, now that I thought about it… that was a really good idea.

    Vincent Brandt
    And there I was, happy to be back at college, happy to be where I was most comfortable. Happy to be starting another school year, happy to start tutoring again so I could earn some money.
    And yes, there I was, equal parts excited and dreading to see who my new roommate would be… Until Cobey Green’s smiling face appeared at the door. A huge football player, loved by everyone, gorgeous, rich, and out of the closet.
    Everything I was not.
    It didn’t help that he was genuinely a really nice guy. It didn’t help that I could make him laugh, and we could talk so easily, and it certainly didn’t help that we started having private tutorials which ended up way more private than I’d ever dared imagine.
    I’d ranked top of my class in every subject since the first grade yet there I was falling stupidly in love with him.

    This was going to be a hell of a year. And one very steep learning curve for both of us.

    ~ * ~


    Eight books, eight couples, each book can be read as a stand alone. Set in a fictional Californian city, Franklin University is where it’s at.

    This shared college world is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! The amazing author line up includes Riley Hart, Saxon James, Louisa Masters, Neve Wilder, A.M. Johnson, Christina Lee, and Eden Finley.

    Starting August 25th, each book will release a week apart.

    Link to check out the whole series 



    Release date: 29th September
    Preorder Link 
    (Preorder for $4.99 before it’s raised to the $5.99 release price)
    Cover Designer: Natasha Snow
    Photographer: Xram Ragde

  • $40 Amazon Giveaway for The Kite



    I’m very excited to announce that it’s release day for The Kite! It’s a 72,000-word romantic suspense. There are guns, espionage, murder, and swoony romance. Harry is grumpy, Asher is sunshine, and I loved writing this book so much! It’s a joy to write books that flex a creative muscle every now and then, and Harry and Asher are two very special characters to me. I hope you love them too!


    Ex-Australian Specialist Response Group leader, Tim “Harry” Harrigan, has been running covert ops for almost a decade. A lone wolf, he’s single-handedly taken down terrorists and national security threats, or so he thinks. He’s been in the game far too long, and when he sees a familiar threat, he knows his time is up.

    Asher Garin is a dangerous man. A man without loyalty, a man without a nationality, without a country, without a home. He’s also a mercenary for hire to the highest bidder. His next job is a face he recognises, and after a tip-off, he learns he too is a marked man.

    It’s a different game now, and Harry and Asher have a better chance at surviving if they stick together. But it’s not just the game or the rules that have changed. The stakes have too.

    Because on their own, they had nothing to lose. Together, they do.

    #EnemiesToLovers #GayAssassins #UsAgainstThem
    Caution: on-page physical and gun violence. Reader discretion advised.

    Now, about that giveaway…


    To celebrate the release of The Kite, I’m doing a $40 Amazon giftcard giveaway!

    You can enter at:

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclaimer: The contest is being hosted by Xpresso Tours, not the author.

    To all my readers who are still enjoying my words, thank you so much!! I couldn’t do this without you!


  • Code Blue Release Day! Jeremy & Steeeeeve!



    The highly anticipated sequel to Code Red is HERE!  I’m so excited for you all to read this book! I adored writing these boys, all 115K words of them.

    The audio is coming soon! Probably March/April-ish. Nick Russo will be narrating and I can’t wait!!  This is the final Atrous book… It’s a two-book series/duo.

    Code Blue bullet points:

    💙 Bodyguard / pop star

    💙 Bi-awakening

    💙 Sexual tension

    💙 Oh no, a stalker!

    💙 Oh damn, a health scare!

    💙 A big pile of steaming, gooey happy ever after!


    Steve Frost had dreams of wearing the national championship belt in mixed martial arts, maybe even going pro, but instead, finds himself working as a security guard for the rich and famous in LA.

    Quickly earning a reputation for his blunt and precise people management skills, he lands a position on the security team for an up-and-coming boyband, Atrous. Years later, he’s head of security. He knows these boys, and with countless tours, flights, car trips, public events, concerts, he’s closer to one band member in particular.

    Jeremy’s been a pillar for Atrous since day one, but even more so these last few months. Now the face of the band more than ever, he’s also got himself the attention of a delusional stalker-fan.

    When the fame and stress become too much, when Jeremy’s health takes a hit, Steve becomes Jeremy’s lifeline. But as Jeremy knows already, and as Steve is about to learn, not even the brightest star can shine forever.



    For a very short time, you can get CODE RED for just 99c!  This is for FOUR DAYS ONLY so be quick!


    CODE RED 99c!


    Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy the Atrous Series!

    Quick WIP update:  For some stupid reason my brain has decided it shall try writing two books at the same time LOL This is bound to end in disaster and I’m presuming one will take over and become the main focus, but for now I’m writing one dark and gritty book, and one super fluffy book LOL

    Next book update:  My next book is done and should be out in April. It’s a super Australian quirky fun, and I love, love LOVED writing it! More on that soon!

    EDINBURGH RARE UPDATE:  I will be attending the signing!! Yay!!! (It’s a 26-hour flight so pray for me LOL)  BUT I will not have books at the event. I have cancelled all pre-orders and sent refunds to anyone who has paid. I will have swag to give away and am MORE than happy to sign anything (just not blank cheques LOL)

    Thanks again,

    Until next time…

  • Christmas in July Sale


    🎄 Christmas in July Promotion! 🎄

    Need some mid-year Christmas cheer? 40 authors of LGBTQ romance/fiction have put together a Christmas in July sale!
    There really is something for everyone. I’ve added Reindeer Games to the list. It’s a stand-alone story, and I hope you take a chance and enjoy Leif and Russ’ story.

    Check out all the books on sale HERE

    Direct link to Reindeer Games HERE

    Blurb for Reindeer Games:

Industrial-art student Leif Caldwell and his best friend win tickets to the hottest party in town, the annual masquerade Christmas gala at the upmarket nightclub, Evoque. Not a gig they could ever afford to attend or buy costumes for, so Leif makes their masks. Given the holiday theme and the play on words, he makes a set of striking reindeer antlers and intends to have the night of his life.

    Vintage Ridge’s resident millionaire and owner of Evoque, Russ Quarrington, hates the holiday season because it reminds him of everything he’s lost. All the money and success in the world can’t fill the void in his heart, and this year he’s particularly bereft. With the gala looming, his personal assistant insists Russ attends and that he wear a mask that offers anonymity, and hopefully find some festive cheer. Bored with the guys in town and tired of men only wanting him for his money, he reluctantly agrees.

    But when Russ sees a mysterious man with a magnificent reindeer antlers and mask, he’s instantly intrigued. Even when their masks are removed, Leif has no idea who Russ really is, and what Russ discovers is a man who understands him. And for the first time ever, a man who doesn’t want what Russ has. This time, it’s Russ who wants what Leif has, what money can’t buy.

    Russ and Leif are about to learn that sometimes Reindeer Games are the only games worth playing.

    ** Reindeer Games is a 42,000-word novella. This is a stand-alone book.



    I will have another book on sale next week so I’ll be back with the details then. Until then, stay safe… xx

  • Pieces of You is OUT NOW!





    After a two delay from Amazon, it’s FINALLY release day!  Exclusive to Amazon and in KU.

    Missing Pieces Series, Book One.
    Dallas Muller has everything he never expected he’d have. He owns a successful motorbike mechanic shop in Newcastle, and he’s madly in love with his boyfriend of four years, Justin Keith.
    Justin has always struggled to find where he fit in, never realising his true worth or what it means to be loved—until he met Dallas. Living and working together might be too much for some, but Dallas and Justin wouldn’t have it any other way.
    When a terrible accident tears their world apart, Justin’s left with no memory of Dallas or their relationship. Trying to put the pieces back together is almost impossible when some pieces are blank and some are missing altogether. Dallas has to let Justin find his own way back to him and just hope that their love will light the way.
    Dallas and Justin’s story continues…

    Book Two release date: June 26th

    Book Three release date: July 24th



    You can find my titles at the following:






    Please note that these books have been loaded into Google Play but they are now reviewing my account. I think loading ten books into my catalogue raised a flag? I don’t know… Sorry. They are, like most businesses, currently running on a skeleton staff so it may take some time. If Google Play is your preferred retailer, please keep checking – it may change at any time.

    I won’t post a Good Morning Monday post this week because two posts in a week is a bit spammy. I hope everyone is staying well and safe, and I’ll see you all next week with the cover reveal of Missing Pieces Book Two!!

    Until then…

  • Good Morning Monday ~ What’s on in August?

    Yes, holy crap it’s August! This year has gone so fast it makes my head spin. It was another busy week in Walkerland, and seriously I need another word for busy. My WIP, Nova Praetorian, is now at 92K and I pretty much only two or three more scenes to write. Then I can start the endless/funless job of trying to fix it. It’s an unholy mess right now. It’s written in third person, which is not my usual MO. And for the first 50K words, I’ve somehow managed to write it from everyone’s point of view, not just the MC’s. I’ve headhopped so much not even Freud couldn’t make sense of it. LOL  So that will need a whole lotta fixing.

    I’ve also got the second round edits for Private Charter in my inbox, which I will tackle as soon as I get the first draft of Nova Praetorian done. Hopefully editing something that’s not a hot mess will prepare me for editing something that is. LOL

    Soooo, what’s happening in August?

    Evolved is now available at all retailers!





    The audio of On Davis Row is out on the 31st July. Technically it’s not August but woo hoooo!!!!  If you’ve been saving an audio credit, I’m saving you the dilemma of what to get! Because you need to hear this <3



    Finders Keepers will also be coming out of KU to be available at all retailers toward the end of the next week. Stay tuned for the links – I’ll post them as soon as I have them!

    Private Charter will be out on August 24th! It will be exclusive to Amazon (on KU) and there will be no presale links – it will go live on the 24th and I’ll be back to post links asap.


    Stuart Jenner’s job is high stress, high stakes, and everything he’s strived for. So why, when the apex of his career is within reach, does he stumble? At his doctor’s insistence, he books a privately chartered yacht to sail around the Whitsundays for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex. When his friend-with-benefits bails on him at the last minute, Stuart decides to go alone.

    Foster Knight left the rat race behind six years ago, bought a yacht, and now calls the Great Barrier Reef his home. Sailing tourists around tropical waters is all in a day’s work, and he’s never been happier. When his next client arrives alone, the two-week charter will be the most private job he’s ever had.

    Foster can see how stressed and exhausted Stuart is, and he promises him extensive rest and relaxation. Stuart slowly realises his original plan for two weeks of sun, surf, and sex might not be lost yet. Confined to a yacht, isolated by aqua-coloured oceans and the sweltering sun, Stuart and Foster are about to find out just how hot the tropics can get.

    I’ll be back with excerpts and fun stuff on Private Charter before release day though, so stay tuned!

    Well, as you can see, August is another busy one!  Have a great week, folks. Until then!!


  • Good Morning Monday! It’s Release Day for Evolved and a $50 Amazon Gift Card to Win!!

    I’m so excited for everyone to meet Shaun! I’ve had an INCREDIBLE response to the ARC’s with reviews and feedback being wonderful, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who has let me know they loved it! It’s such a relief to get those first replies and even better when they’re glowing reviews.


    In 2068, androids are an integrated part of human life. Big Brother no longer just watches from the shadows. It’s in every household.

    Lloyd Salter has OCD issues with noise and mess, and he’s uncomfortable with human interaction. When his ex claimed the only thing perfect enough to live up to his standards was an android, Lloyd dismissed it. But two years later, after much self-assessment, Lloyd thinks he may have been right.

    SATinc is the largest manufacturer of androids in Australia, including the Fully Compatible Units known as an A-Class 10. Their latest design is the Synthetic Human Android UNit, otherwise known as SHAUN.

    Shaun is compatible with Lloyd’s every need; the perfect fit on an intellectual and physical basis. But Lloyd soon realises Shaun’s not like other A-Class androids. He learns. He adapts. Sure that SATinc is aware Shaun functions outside of his programmed parameters, Lloyd must find a way to keep Shaun safe.

    No one can know how special Shaun is. No one can know he’s evolved.


    Universal Amazon Link


    And for your chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift card! You can enter at HERE!

    (You may need to wait until the 23rd in the US for the rafflecopter to kick into gear, so please be patient and keep trying)

    And On Davis Row is now back in KU!! If you’re a KU user, and haven’t read it yet, be sure to grab it 🙂 The link is HERE.

    In other news, my WIP titled Private Charter is now at 20K words, and it’s a LOT of fun to write!  It’s sexy and fun, and I had no idea the tropics could get this hot…  😉

    I’ll be in Sydney next weekend, so not sure if I’ll get a post out, but I will try. Until then…


  • Good Morning Monday ~ 2018 has started with a bang!

    Yes, 2018 has hit the ground running, that’s for sure! This week alone:

    • I wrote 12K to finish the first draft of Evolved – release will be April
    • I received edits on Finders Keepers – release 2nd Feb
    • I edited Sense of Place and formatted for ebook and paperback (re-release is Jan 17th)
    • Release of the Italian translation of Spencer Cohen Book Three
    • Beta-read 75K story for a friend
    • Had The Weight of It All win Audio of the Year at Open Skye Reviews!
    • Had Imago win 2nd place as Book of the Year at Open Skye Reviews
    • And The Weight of It All was featured on AudioFile, where Joel won an Earphones Award for the incredible narration, and for a LGBT book – this is kind of HUGE!
    • Went through a tonne of admin stuff, including meetings with my accountant, organising blitz tours, ARC tours, and super exciting secret squirrel stuff.

    I’m sure there is something else I’m forgetting… But as you can see, it’s been quite a week.

    My time at My Fiction Nook as Author of the Month continues!  You can read my latest post HERE and you can enter the draw to win an ebook!

    Yes, my current WIP is called Evolved, and should be out in April. It’s 60K long (unedited) and I will be spending this week going through it, fixing/tweaking/adding/deleting before sending it off to beta readers. I’ve kept details of this one close to my chest as it’s quite different, and I’ll wait until I hear back from my betas to see what they think.

    I did buy a pre-made cover for this about six months ago, but it’s really not right for the story, so I have asked Reese Dante to conjure up some magic for me 🙂

    Speaking of Reese Dante and incredibly awesome covers, I don’t believe I’ve shown you the cover for Sense of Place!

    In keeping with the first two covers, this will be the forever cover for Sense of Place, and it’s perfect!

    And the paperback is GORGEOUS!!

    I have the proof of the paperback and can’t wait to hit approve! The three covers together look stunning and I am SO happy to have these boys back under my creative control <3

    For my Italian readers, Spencer Cohen Book Three is out now!




    Also, in case you weren’t aware, you can also follow me on BookBub for any new deals or discounts, and hang out in my Readers’ Group on Facebook for all the latest news and gossip!

    I’m hoping for another busy (read: productive) week. Lots to do and plan for my next book!  I have a pre-made cover for it, the location, and how it begins… now I just need the unimportant stuff like character names/histories, title, and plot LOL!

    Until then… <3

  • Buy Links for Blood & Milk and Gay Sex Club Stories

    Earlier this week, I mentioned how the cogs were slow-turning, getting some books distributed to all retailers. Well, it’s finally happened!!

    Blood & Milk is now available at:







    Payhip:  Book 1   Book 2

    Smashwords:  Book 1   Book 2

    Amazon:  Book 1   Book 2

    Kobo: Book 1   Book 2

    B&N:  Book 1  Book 2

    iBooks: Book 1  Book 2

    I don’t know how long they’ll be available at these sites before they go back to Amazon only, so be quick!!


  • Good Morning Monday! Twas two busy weeks before Christmas…

    Good Morning Monday pic

    Two busy weeks before Christmas… OMG this year has really flown.  I will do a recap on 2016 in the next couple of weeks, but for now all I will say is I’m kinda glad it’s almost over… It’s been a SUPER busy week, and the next two will be even more so. *sigh*

    My kids finish school this week. Aussie kids are winding down their school year and getting ready for summer break. It’s six weeks of “Muuuum, I’m bored. What can I do?”  I’m looking forward to the sleep-ins, I will admit, but not to the constant interruptions. Working from home is awesome in so many ways, except during school holidays LOL.  I can foresee a lot of hours spent at the local library …   And for the record, whenever my kids tell me they have nothing to do (as they put down their iPhones and step over the PS4 and XBoxOne, ignore the dog, and their bikes and sports gear) I give them housework chores to do. This usually insures two things:  One, they do some housework that I’ve put off doing because I hate it. And Two, they don’t complain to me again.  It’s a win/win   🙂

    Okay, so for some news on the writing front…

    Switched, all 74K words of it, is with my editor. I’m still shooting for a release date of Dec 27th, but this is tentative.  My poor editor has been unwell, so basically Switched will release when it’s ready.  I’d love for it to be before the year ends, but I can’t guarantee it.

    Perfect Catch, my 20K short story which was part of the It Was Always You anthology with the other awesome M/M Daily Grind authors will also be out as a separate release in early January.

    I have an awesome cover for it, made by the very talented Sara York 🙂


    The Blurb:

    Calvin Lynch and Troy Hoffman have been best mates since they were fourteen years old. They’re both hard-working tradesmen, both love weekends away fishing, both gay, but have never been single at the same time. Until now.

    What is supposed to be a weekend away fishing with a group of mates, changes at the last minute when friends bail out in an attempt to give Cal and Troy some alone time.

    With more than just hooks on the line, can these two see what’s been right in front of them the whole time?

    The Perfect Catch is a short story about falling for your best friend hook, line, and sinker.


    Please Note:  Perfect Catch will be exclusive to Amazon for 90 days upon release. It is currently available at all retail sites as part of the anthology. You can grab it now from iBooks ~ Amazon ~ Kobo


    The N.R. Walker Starter Pack also went live!!!!  I’m super excited about this. A collection of five of my books (Red Dirt Heart, Cronin’s Key, Sixty Five Hours, Spencer Cohen Book One, and Blind Faith) in the one book for new-to-me readers, or those who might be new to the m/m genre can grab five best-selling books at a bargain price!


    You can grab it at Amazon 🙂

    And finally, instead of having a break and resting my poor sore hand/wrist, I’ve dived straight into a new WIP.  It was an idea that came from nowhere and it wasn’t even on my schedule to write, but the idea and the characters wouldn’t go away.  So I did the only thing I can do to shut them up, and that’s to write them down.  I’m only 5K words into it but I have a title and a cover already, which I’m keeping it under wraps for now. I don’t want to jinx the story – it’s flowing really well – and I feel if I do a show-and-tell too early, the characters will stop talking.  All I will say, is that it’s Australian based, will be approximately 30K words long (I think) and will be fluff and smut 🙂  I envisage a release date sometime in February 🙂

    Okay, told you it was a busy one…   Until next week.


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