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  • Inside Code Red

    It’s release week for Code Red! Just a few more days to wait… so I thought I’d share some inside info.

    Code Red is about the lead singer of a boyband (Maddox) and his personal manager (Roscoe). Roscoe has been Maddox’s personal manager/handler for four years and he’s been in love with him for three of those. While all five members of the band are equal, Maddox is singled out as the bad boy, the one everyone wants. He’s thrust into the centre of all interviews, fans and paparazzi hound him all the time, and because of security risks/measures, he lives an isolated, lonely life.

    While writing Code Red, I researched boy bands such as BTS and One Direction mostly, and 5SOS to a lesser extent. And I also researched their management companies, their security details, their schedules; daily and whilst on tour. I watched tour documentaries, interviews and videos on fan and security interaction.

    Phew. It’s a scary world.

    One thing to remember while reading Code Red is that boy band management is very different to standard band management. If you didn’t know already, boy bands are, more or less, owned by their management companies. Their management company calls the shots in all matters, personal and professional. Their lives are tied up in contracts and non-disclosure agreements.

    Another thing to remember is Code Red is fictional and not a user-guide on how boy bands are managed. I had to take some creative license LOL.

    Okay now to the fun part…

    The band: Atrous

    The word atrous means jet black. I originally wanted to call the band Onyx but that name for a band was already taken. Then I liked the name Jet (from jet black) but that was taken too. So I searched some other words pertaining to onyx and there was perse, sable, and atrous. I went with atrous.

    Atrous has five members: Maddox, Jeremy, Wes, Luke, and Blake.

    Atrous’ logo is a pentagon. This logo/brand was designed by me. I needed something with five sides and a solid pentagonal shape was too hard to work with. I love the pentagon shape though and it was perfect for my guys, given the five equal sides.

    Maddox and Roscoe

    What do they look like? (I don’t own these photos. Licenses and copyright belong to the original creators/photographers)

    Roscoe looks a bit like Chris Hemsworth. He’s tall, blond, well-built, and is often mistaken for Maddox’s security. He grew up in a small town in Vermont playing ice hockey and moved to LA to experience the gay scene, sunshine, and city life.

    Maddox looks like Jeon Jungkook. Maddox is American born with grandparents from Japan and Europe. He has one sleeve of tattoos, he wears long black earrings. He sings like an angel, dances like the devil, and is utterly gorgeous. It’s kinda easy to see why Maddox is head over heels in love with him.



    Atrous pic

    I always pictured 5SOS (from right to left) Jeremy, Wes, Luke and Blake as Atrous.

    Photo from Hollywood Life

    The tour

    A twenty-three concert tour of the US, Canada, and South America. I have made merch for this tour/band and you can find them at my MERCH STORE.


    And finally….

    Maddox’s Notebook

    In Code Red, Maddox has a notebook that he takes with him everywhere. He writes lyrics and composes music scores in his notebook though we never see inside of it.

    In the ebook and paperback, I’ve included a section at the end called Maddox’s Notebook. I’ve included SEVEN songs/lyrics in this section of the book. I added these for fun and for a little treat. I highly doubt they’d hold water in any kind of lyric writing/song making contest so please don’t expect them to. These ‘lyrics’ are from poetry I’ve written over the years and I thought it was a great way to include them into a book. I even use the word poetry loosely here. Merely just thoughts, really. And that’s what Maddox’s Notebook is as well. It’s his thoughts and the basis of his songwriting.

    They look something like this:  (This is a screenshot. It’s not printable quality)


    So that’s it. That’s all I can tell you about Code Red without giving too much away. You can pre-order Code Red at




  • Good Morning Monday ~ Paperback Sale and Code Red Excerpt!

    It feels like forever since I’ve done a Good Morning Monday post… probably because it has been forever LOL  As you might now, I ran out of spoons for doing anything in late 2020 and it seems I still have very limited productivity and motivation. My brain fog seems to be lifted but I’m still turning in circles most days.

    BUT today I have some things to share! First up we have…


    Target gearing up for new buy 2, get 1 free sale on games and more - Nintendo Everything

    My paperbacks are on sale at Target in the US

    They are currently running a BUY 2 GET 1 FOR FREE deal and the paperback of Switched is just $6.29!!  Now is definitely the time to grab it!

    Eeeek!  I’ve never seen my books in a retailer (in person) so this is so exciting for me!

    Here’s the link:

    If you scroll down on that page you’ll see ‘Similar Items’  and you’ll find all my books there!


    I thought I’d share a very short little excerpt from Code Red with you guys!

    This is from chapter one. The whole book is from Roscoe’s POV. I adore these two guys, and I really hope you enjoy it…




    “Roscoe Hall,” I answered my phone, out of time and patience. It didn’t dawn on me that it was Ryan’s number until after I’d said my name. It was my twentieth call this morning already.

    “Just confirming ETA for 9:00 am.”

    I checked my watch. It was 7:30 now and I’d already been up for far too long. It was a big day, and I could take a moment to breathe once we were all together.

    “Yeah, Ryan. Will be there, thanks.”

    There was a brief pause. “Is Maddox with you?”

    “On my way to get him now.”

    “See you there.”

    I pocketed my phone and did one last check. Phone, wallet, passport, tickets, keys. I grabbed my carry-on, locked my front door, and wheeled my suitcase down to the waiting car. I hadn’t even greeted the driver when my phone rang again, and it beeped again on my way to collect Maddox.

    I was organized and efficient, aggressively so.

    It’s what made me good at my job. Being the personal manager for one of the world’s biggest boy bands was every minute of my life.

    These boys didn’t accept second best for anything, and neither did I.

    And I should clarify that while they were classified as a boy band, they were men. They might have started out as boys—they were just kids in high school when they formed their first band. But they were twenty-three now. They’d done the small local gigs, needing their parents’ permission to play in bars and clubs around LA when they were underage.

    The story of how the band called Atrous made it to the big time was well-known.

    The five boys came from nothing. A garage band that crossed pop with rock and rap, playing small gigs wherever they could, when a well-known radio DJ saw them and uploaded footage to his social media. Platinum Entertainment, one of America’s biggest entertainment management companies, signed them, and they’d been on the top of the world music stage for the last four years.

    To the outside world, these guys were the ultimate success story.

    They had no idea what went on when the lights went out.

    Saying I was the personal manager of the whole band wasn’t true either. Personal assistant, handler, manager. It was all the same. But it wasn’t just me. I was one of three. Ryan Morten, Amber Seratt, and I were the personal managers of Atrous, as a whole. While the three managers looked after the five band members, I was, however, the unstated personal manager of one of them in particular.

    Lead vocalist and rapper, main dancer, bad boy, Maddox Kershaw.

    Ryan and Amber took care of Jeremy, Wes, Luke, and Blake. But Maddox was mine.

    Well, not mine. But mine.

    God, how I wished he were mine . . .

    Over the last four years, Maddox and I’d just gelled. He didn’t trust easily, and for some reason he’d put his trust in me. And the truth was, he needed his own personal manager more than the other four guys.

    Maddox was the face of Atrous. Unwilling, but the face, nonetheless.

    He carried the weight of their reputation, their brand. He was the one they hounded, the one they chased, the one they followed, the one that made headlines every other day.

    He wore black, he had a full sleeve of tattoos, perfect skin, and he had attitude to spare. His motto was to burn down the institutions, to stand tall for those who had to kneel, and to speak for those who had been silenced.

    He resonated with the youth around the world.

    He was also incredibly good-looking.

    When I say good-looking, I mean hot. Sexy, enigmatic, ethereal, even.

    His heritage had been talked about a million times. So much of his life was public. His grandparents on his mother’s side were Japanese, and his grandparents on his father’s side were Dutch. He was a second-generation American, a very talented musician, and he was incredibly smart.

    He sang like an angel and danced like the devil.

    And he answered the door looking like a mix of both. His hair was wet from the shower, he smelled warm and clean, he wore black cargo pants, a black T-shirt, and combat boots. It was his standard attire. Seeing him like that made my heart feel far too big for my chest. “Forget your key?” he asked. He even almost smiled.

    It had been so long since I’d seen him smile . . .

    Yes, I had a key to his house. But that was for emergencies only. I followed him inside. “You ready? The others are meeting us there.”

    He grumbled something that sounded like assent. His house was still dark, open and vast, mind-bogglingly expensive, and it felt empty. It was in Beverly Hills, worth a reported twelve million with incredible views of the canyon and the city, but Maddox had the blinds drawn.

    He plucked a black hoodie off the back of his sofa and pulled it on. I ignored how his T-shirt lifted a little, exposing a sliver of pale skin above his waistband. I’d seen him shirtless a thousand times. Hell, I’d even seen him in his underwear. It was nothing new, but it still managed to warm my blood.

    I grabbed his two suitcases, wheeling them toward the door. He picked up his black backpack. “Got my passport?”

    “Yep,” I replied. “We’re all good. Your mom’s got her key and security numbers?”

    “Yeah,” he said with a shrug.

    His mother was going to come look after his place while we were gone. We’d be gone for almost seven weeks. Seven long, grueling weeks.

    “Come on, I have an iced coffee waiting for you in the car.”

    He pulled up his hood, but I swear there was the beginning of a smile before the shadow stole it.

    My phone buzzed again, and I pulled it out of my pocket and groaned at the screen. Another message that could wait until we were in the car. I pulled the door shut behind us, made sure it was locked, and wheeled the luggage to the waiting car. I opened the car door for him, I closed the door for him, I loaded the bags into the trunk—it was my job to do these things for him—and finally I got into the back of the car with Maddox.

    My phone buzzed again, and I thumbed out a quick reply. We’d been driving for about ten minutes when I realized Maddox hadn’t said a word. He’d sipped his coffee but not much else. I looked at him then, really looked at him, and underneath the killer good looks was a tired man.

    “You sleep okay?” I asked.

    He scoffed as his answer, then glanced pointedly at my phone. “Did you? Has your phone stopped yet?”

    I didn’t need to reply because we both knew the answer.

    He nodded because he knew he was right and proving his point, I replied to some more emails and messages on the drive downtown. Yes, we all lived in LA, and yes, we were staying at a hotel in LA because when the tour began, the band and the whole crew would stay together. Mostly for logistical and security reasons, but also for bonding. We were one unit from day one, regardless of location.

    As the car pulled into the hotel’s underground parking lot, Maddox’s eyes trained on the people rushing about. “The guys are already here?” he asked.

    “Yep. Arrived five minutes ago.”

    His shoulders relaxed a little, and for that I was glad. He and his bandmates were like brothers; they’d been through everything together. He was closer to Jeremy than the others, but the bond between the five of them was clear. I was relieved that he’d be with them again. I was pretty sure he’d spent the last few days by himself, holed up in his house. I’d spoken to him on the phone, even came to see him a few times, but getting ready for a tour was a busy time for me.

    Before we came to a complete stop, he was quiet and chewed on his bottom lip. I wanted to ask him if he was okay, but there wasn’t time. I doubted he’d even answer that question, or answer it honestly, anyway.

    “You excited?” I asked instead. “Sellout stadium tour, twenty-three concerts. You ready for that?”

    He met my gaze and didn’t look away. His smile was as brief as it was beautiful. “Yeah. Of course.”

    I didn’t believe him, and it was devastating how he could look right at me with those dark, dark eyes and speak so sincerely while he lied.

    I spent almost every day with him. I knew him. I knew the real Maddox Kershaw, not the Maddox he showed the world. I knew the private one, the quiet one, the intellectual one . . .

    The miserable one.

    The Maddox I’d been secretly in love with for years . . . the Maddox I could never have.

    “Maddox,” I said, but his door opened from the outside, and people were getting luggage from our car and giving directions, and there was no time.

    The commotion had begun. These seven weeks were going to be brutal.

    He lowered his head, pulled up his hood to hide his face, and got out of the car.

    Can’t wait for you all to meet these two. Code Red is a bit angsty, it deals with some mental health issues as Maddox struggles with isolation and loneliness. It’s a romance so of course there is a big whopping HEA.



  • Good Morning Monday ~ Lacuna Pre-Order Link and Excerpt!

    I have all the things on Lacuna today, and I’m so excited to share this with you. This book means a lot to me… I’ve wanted to write it for years and never felt I was good enough, or that I couldn’t quite do it justice. You might remember when I went to a 2-day fantasy writing course with CS Pacat a few years ago… that was to try and wrangle this story into something half readable. LOL  Well, this year I decided to tackle it. Yes, 2020… because I wasn’t stressed enough apparently LOL

    Anyway, I’m incredibly proud of this book. I can’t wait for you all to meet Crow and Tancho and go on this adventure with them.

    So let me get on with the details…




    The paperback should be available at the same time as the ebook, however, it will depend on how well Amazon plays with Ingram Spark with distribution. Here is the gorgeous paperback cover, made by Bukovero. This book is 366 pages (92,000 words) and I’ll be adding it to my signed paperback list as soon as I get my author copies!



    Chapter One

    The winter sun was at high noon, shining a spotlight on the two men sword-fighting in the open courtyard of the Northlands’ castle. Mirroring the rocky outcrops in the snowy landscape, black flags marked with a single white raven shimmered in the cool winds. Dark grey stone bricks gleamed as the sunlight turned icy frost into fleeting jewels, and the clang of metal on metal, grunts of effort, and bouts of laughter echoed skyward.

    The broadsword grazed Crow’s cheek, the burn of sliced skin and a warm trickle of blood down his cheek made him smile. Soko paused for the briefest moment, horrified that he had struck his king. Crow used the moment of distraction and swung for his neck. Soko parried, and with another bark of laughter, the fight went on.

    Plumes of steam escaped with every exhale, sweat cooled on heated skin. Crow’s dark hair was damp and clung to his pale face; his dark eyes sparkled with delight as they always did when he sparred with Soko. Friends since childhood, Crow trusted no one as he trusted Soko. Surrounded by consuls and guards and staff who abided by his every whim, he could count on Soko for his honesty and reason. He told him truths when no one else dared, and he never held back when they fenced or sparred, such as they were doing now.

    Crow was bound by responsibility and duty, as kings often were. Even as a small boy, Crow had studied the ancient ways, the lore of his ancestors of the Northlands. Studied, trained, studied, trained when he’d have rather done anything else, and yet it was Soko who had willingly stood beside him. Brothers, even if there was not one drop of shared blood between them.

    Soko’s hair was ashen blond and shaggy, his eyes blue and sharp. He had a smile of mischief and wit, a keen mind for learning and a keener eye for women, whereas Crow was dark and brooding, and his eye was drawn to the forms of men. Soko was free to act upon his impulses and there had never been a shortage of satisfied women in the Northlands’ castle, yet Crow had never been free.

    Who wears the mark bears the crown . . .

    Bound by responsibility and duty. And the birthmark on his wrist. Even the mere thought of it . . .

    He hissed at the pain and dropped his sword, pulling at the leather wrist guard, fumbling to get the straps undone.

    “What is it?” Soko asked, immediately concerned. “It itches still?”

    “No,” Crow breathed. He finally pulled the guard from his arm and covered the birthmark with his cold fingers. “It burns.”

    “Burns? What the—”

    Just then, the heavy wooden doors to the courtyard swung inward. Soko spun into a ready stance with his sword raised to protect Crow, without fault, without question. The young messenger raised his hands in alarm, breathing hard, his eyes trained on the blade.

    “What is it?” Soko demanded.

    “Excuse me, my lord,” the messenger said, bowing his head to Crow. “A lone rider comes. At pace.”

    A lone rider coming to the city was not uncommon. Villagers traded food and wares all the time. “What of it?” Crow asked, still clutching his wrist. “Why the urgency?”

    The messenger swallowed hard. “The rider and horse bear the yellow flag of the Elders’ Consul.”

    Soko lowered his sword and turned to Crow, his eyes wide and face ashen, for it could only mean one thing.

    And the birthmark on Crow’s wrist continued to burn.

    * * *

    Dressed now in warmer clothes, Crow and Soko stood at one of the grand hall windows watching as the yellow-clad rider made his way through the gates of the castle. Crow had his guards meet the man, one taking his horse, one escorting the rider inside, out of view, knowing it would take several minutes for the rider to be brought to see him.

    Crow held his wrist, trying to ignore the burn.

    “It’s never caused you pain before,” Soko noted. “And I don’t think a visit from the Elders’ Consul is a coincidence.”

    Crow winced again and Soko took his hand, inspecting the birthmark. It looked as it always had; dark against his pale skin, oddly beautiful and abstract, the clear form of a raven in full flight, its wings outstretched. The mark which showed Crow’s predestined fate appeared no different; though it had begun to itch at the last full moons, now it burned like fire ants crawling beneath his skin.

    Crow tugged his hand away and pulled down his coat sleeve. “I’m fine, and make no mention of it in front of company.”

    After a brief pause, Soko sighed. “It’s time, isn’t it? That’s what this means? The festival draws near.”

    Crow gave a nod before the sound of approaching footsteps put an end to this conversation. The two heavy doors opened and a guard appeared and bowed his head. “My lord, messenger of the Elders’ Consul.”

    He stepped aside and the visitor strode forward. He wore the Consul’s yellow tunic under a heavy coat of the same colour, with the four-pointed compass rose emblazoned upon his chest. He appeared slightly dishevelled and tired, though he bowed his head. He produced a scroll from inside his coat pocket and offered it to Crow. “My lord.”

    Crow took the paper from him but did not open it. “Your name?”

    “Roulant,” he replied quickly.

    “You’ve ridden far.”

    “Six days.”

    It was perhaps a seven- or eight-day ride to the Elders’ Consul temple, and the ride itself was not an easy one. Northlands was mountainous, rocky roads, and deep snow; hard and brutal land, almost as hard and brutal as the men and women who called it home. Given this rider had done it in six days meant there was urgency. “You rode alone?”

    “Yes, my lord. Four riders sent to the four quarters.”

    The Great Kingdoms had long ago been divided into four quarters. North, of mountains and snow. West, of oceans and rivers. South, of jungles and forests, and East of desert sands and dunes. At its centre, was the Aequi Kentron; a huge moated temple of sorts, where the Elders’ Consul presided, upholding the law of the four lands and keeping score.

    Formed a thousand years ago after the Great War, nine high priests protected the ancient ways and traditions, ensuring laws remained unbroken and territory borders intact. They overlooked the trade between kingdoms and ensured fairness at every turn, and the last thousand years had been peaceful and prosperous.

    Steeped in history and tradition, and by definition the equal centre, Aequi Kentron was the heart of all four kingdoms.

    Each of the four rulers was chosen at birth by the birthmark on their wrist. They would each rule their lands independently and in their own right, with their own laws and governance, yet there were some laws they could not ignore.

    The law that stated when each ruler was beckoned, they would come.

    The law was written when the Consul was established, that when the Brother Sun and the two Sister Moons aligned at the equinox, they would partake in the Festival of the Eclipse. They would abide with honour and with the dignity of the rank they held.

    Crow was proud of his title, proud of his people, and he would lay his life down for his kingdom. And he should have been proud to be the chosen one in the time of the eclipse. Once every thousand years and it happened in his lifetime, his rule. Yet destiny was a weight like no other, and unease filled his belly for reasons he couldn’t put name to. The fact his birthmark now caused him pain was one he couldn’t ignore, and now with the news from Aequi Kentron, it could only mean one thing.

    His time was now.

    Realisation skittered down Crow’s spine like a cold spider. So, it was time. Every arrow of his life was pointed to this. He gave a reluctant nod and turned to the guard. “See this man to hot food and warm quarters, and see that his horse is tended to.”

    Roulant’s gaze shot up to Crow’s. “My lord, I am thankful.”

    “As am I.” Crow gave him a smile. “Eat and rest as you need.”

    Roulant gave another nod of gratitude, and he was escorted out by the guard. Soko waited patiently as Crow held the scroll. There was a wax seal atop the Consul’s writing in old calligraphy ink.

    King of Northlands

    Crow slid his finger beneath the seal and unrolled the thick paper. At the centre top was the Consul’s four-pointed compass rose stamped in blue ink. The writing was impeccably neat, the strokes delivered with such importance not even the ink dared to bleed.

    Your Royal Highness, King Crow of Northlands,

    The Eclipse befalls on the Equinox in your twenty-fifth year.

    Your attendance is formally requested at the Aequi Kentron one week before the Equinox, for the festival of the Golden Age.

    We eagerly await your arrival.

    Crow read it again, then handed it to Soko who read it, frowning. “What does this mean?”

    Crow stared out the window at the snow-covered valley below, at how the blackened rocky crags tore raggedly through the serene whiteness looking like open claw marks in flesh.

    “I ride for Aequi Kentron in two days,” Crow replied.

    Soko’s eyes hardened. “You will not ride alone.”

    Crow almost smiled at that. “I didn’t think I would.”

    “And the eclipse?”

    “A golden sun for a golden age,” he replied with a sigh, turning back to stare out the window. “My birthright is finally upon me.”

    Soko’s voice was quiet, as though he dreaded to hear what he already knew. “What will you do?”

    Crow took a long moment to answer. Was it fear or dread? Acceptance or resignation? “My choice in this was long ago removed,” he murmured, finally meeting Soko’s eyes. “I will attend their festival, and when all the fanfare and nonsense is done, I will return as if nothing has occurred.”

    “It’s supposed to be a celebration,” Soko replied. “Yet it hangs over you like a dark cloud.”

    Crow sighed. He would have quite happily been left alone for all his days, but this felt different. This felt ominous and he couldn’t explain why. “True metal does not fear the furnace,” he murmured.

    It was a favoured Northlands saying, cited by the miners who dug ore from frozen mountains and by the blacksmiths who turned it into steel.

    Yet Crow feared . . . something. He feared this festival and ceremony; he feared the change he felt would rise with the golden sun. He feared the unknown.

    And he feared the greasy dread in his belly and the burn on his wrist that told him his life was about to change forever.



    I truly hope you love Lacuna as much as I do.

    In other news, my Christmas story is complete and I’m now working on something very short and special but it’s a surprise and I can’t tell you yet… but soon, I promise.

    Take care in this crazy world, folks.


  • Good Morning Sunday ~ News and a Cover and Blurb Reveal!


    Good morning folks! Yes, it’s a Sunday post this week and not a Monday, but I have stuff to post about! It’s been another busy week. Lots of behind-the-scenes stuff and a decent word count was written, so all in all, a good week. Add in that it’s school holidays here and my two childus-interuptuses are home all day makes any productivity even better!

    My WIP is at 40K words, and I’m thinking it will get wrapped up this week with maybe another 8K words to go. Yay! It’s my Christmas story for this year, and it’s very Hallmark-ish, and honestly, it is EVERYTHING the world needs right now. Normally I avoid writing Christmas stories, especially extra schmoopy ones, but this has honestly been a balm to write. I can’t wait for you all to meet Ren and Hamish.

    My next release has been through edits and is now with proofreaders. More on that in a bit…


    First up, Pieces of Me is now at all retailers for a short time only, so now is the time to grab it!

    Pieces of Me is now at all retailers. Still waiting on B&N to fix a listing error (it shows my book but the book you actually purchase is another book, same title, different author, wrong book). Apologies for any delay there. Fingers crossed it will be fixed asap.  Other stores include:




    And Amazon

    The Audiobook of Pieces of me is also available!



    Google Play

    Still not at Audible yet, but that’s no great surprise.  Book Three is being done as I type and hopefully won’t be too far away!

    The Hate You Drink is now on Audio!!!! I’m so excited for you guys to hear this. Antony Ferguson does a fabulous job bringing Erik and Monroe’s story to life. If you want angst, hurt/comfort, and to feel all the feels, this one’s for you. It’s available everywhere, so check out your favourite store!





    Google Play


    I’m very excited to share this with you all! Lacuna is something I’ve wanted to write for years but never felt I was good enough to pull it off. Well, I’ve attempted it and if I’ve succeeded in my attempt will be up to the readers.  This GORGEOUS cover was made by Bukovero, and I love it sooooo much!




    A boychild swathed in green, a distinct tree-shaped birthmark on his wrist. A girlchild enveloped in red, marked with the three lines of the desert winds. A boy bundled in white, the koi mark on his wrist as defined as his shock of red hair. And a boychild wrapped in black, a raven his mark to serve his fate.
    ~ ~ ~
    Twenty-five years ago, the hand of fate marked four newborns and sent them to the four corners of the Great Kingdoms. They were schooled and trained as rulers of their lands in preparation for the Golden Eclipse ceremony: a festival to celebrate a thousand years of peace and prosperity since the Great War.
    Crow, ruler of Northlands, a skilled swordsman and expert tactician, is as reclusive and stoic as the mountains that surround him.
    Tancho has spent his life in strict discipline, governing the Westlands with a fair mind and gentle hand. Quiet and unassuming, yet lethal in combat, he is the embodiment of the waters he lives by.
    Yet the same hand of fate unknowingly linked Tancho to Crow in ways they cannot comprehend. Ruled by the stars, the brother sun and the two sister moons above them, and marked by an alchemical sorcery as old as time, their destinies were never their own.
    As the eclipse draws near and the festival begins, word comes of another threat. Invaders from unknown lands bring a war no one was prepared for, and Crow and Tancho must decide on which side of the battle line they stand.
    In life or death, their destinies will see them joined either way.



    I’m soooo excited for you guys to read this book!!! I will post more about it in the coming weeks and yes, there will be a pre-order for this because amazon is still a mess and highly unpredictable at the moment. Will post that when I have it, so stay tuned!

    In other news, Taxes and TARDIS audio has been submitted and should start appearing at retailers soon! As we know, Audible will be the slowest, so please be patient. Nick Russo has done an outstanding job too, as he does with all his work!

    The audio of Nova Praetorian is out of Audible’s exclusive clause and will also start appearing at other retailers soon!

    I’m hoping to wrap up my Christmas book this week, then I can start a super short secret surprise story where we revisit some old friends…

    Have a great week everyone. Stay safe!

    Until then…

  • Good Morning Monday ~ Quick Update on All The Things


    It’s been a few weeks, sorry. Truth is I haven’t had much to report. Life’s been crazy-busy and there hasn’t been much book-wise to talk about.

    My daughter graduates high school this week. Her official last day is Wednesday, then we have two weeks of school holidays, then she will have her final Higher School Certificate exams over the course of October. Yes, exams go for 3-4 weeks here. BUT she has been offered an early-acceptance into university for next year, so her stress levels aren’t anywhere near as high as they could have been. Thank GAWD! She’s been offered a double degree in Law and International Studies at her first choice uni, so she’s stoked. We always said she should be a lawyer because honestly, she was born arguing LOL

    And then my son begins his final year of school as well, and I honestly can’t wait for school to be over. I get asked a lot of I’m sad that my kids are finishing school but seriously no… I am cheering! I need this part of our lives to be over. After 13 years it’s time to move on.

    Okay, onto the book stuff…

    First of all, I want to express my relief that my latest manuscript (more info below) is with my editor (I should have edits this week, hopefully) and I’ve started my Christmas book! I normally don’t do Christmas but I really feeling it this year. I think I needed to write something sweet and fluffy and this book surely delivers. I think after this year, we could all use some sweet and fluffy romance 🙂  It’s currently at 25k words and should be around 40K all up. The two MCs are Ren and Hamish and I just love them to bits.


    OMG Throwing Hearts is FINALLY on Audible.

    F I N A L L Y

    This audio was first submitted to ACX/Audible back in MAY!  Yes, May of this year. That’s how long this argument with ACX has been going on. I was at the point where I was ready to pull the submission and just have it never listed on Audible. And just to explain what kind of nightmare it’s been (and what a shitshow ACX is right now) I received another email just yesterday saying they were declining to approve it AGAIN and then a few hours later, BAM! It magically appears on Audible. They are a hot freaking mess right now.

    But it is THERE!!!







    It’s been distributed to over 40 stores so please check your favourite retailer. Also, if you use your local library you can request this book and listen for FREE!


    The fantasy book I whinged about writing has a name! LOL  Lacuna should be out late October. I don’t have the proper blurb yet so I’ll share that asap. Aaaand as much as it almost killed me to write this book, I’m thinking there will be a second book! Don’t worry, Lacuna has a beginning, middle and end, and honestly, if book 2 never gets written, no one will be mad. But these characters are still a little bit chatty. I’ve had to put them on hold to write my Christmas book but we’ll see if they still want to chat after that…

    I don’t want to give too much away just yet. But I’ve wanted to write this book for years and I worry that I haven’t done it justice. I guess we’ll have wait and see. I will release the cover and blurb at the same time. Hopefully next week!!



    Just a reminder that if you’re on Facebook, you can join in the shenanigans in my readers’ group! There are always giveaways and sneak peeks of what I’m writing and I do share my covers in there first.

    You can find it at MY FACEBOOK READERS’ GROUP


    Much love, guys. Stay safe in this crazy world. 💙💙

  • Good Morning Monday and a Cover Reveal!

    It’s been quite a week, and this will only be a super short post. I promised a cover reveal (and a title reveal for those who aren’t in my FB readers’ group who already know)… but I’m excited to share the last book in my Missing Pieces Series!! The blurb isn’t edited yet but I’ll share that asap!


    Pieces of Us should be out July 24th. Please know that my lovely editor is laid up with a freshly broken ankle so I may have to push the release back a few days or a week if needed. Real life has to come first, and health is important. If it does look like I may have to reschedule the release, I’ll let everyone know ASAP.

    All three covers together are gorgeous, and the paperbacks of the first two are striking. I can’t wait to have all three together!

    Pretty sure Amazon is still having issues so chances are there will be a pre-order for Pieces of Us, once I’ve ensured that the editing and proofing is all on schedule.

    Audio news!

    After being dicked around by ACX (amazon’s audio platform) for three months, I’ve removed the audio files of Throwing Hearts from ACX and have uploaded them into Findaway Voices (audio distributor).  Australians can’t access ACX directly (I’ve bitched about that before LOL) and I’ve always been lucky enough to have a good friend with a publishing account act as my publisher through ACX, or I’ve had audios done through Tantor.

    Using Findaway Voices allows me to self-pub audios and they distribute to over 40+ stores (scribd, libraries, nook, apple, audible etc). I used them for The Dichotomy of Angels audio and it took 3 weeks for it to be available everywhere. That being said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed Throwing Hearts will be out sometime this freaking year. LOL


    But the Audio of Imago is OUT NOW!!



    And the audios of Pieces of You (narrated by Glen Lloyd) and Sixty Five Hours (narrated by Nick Russo) are being done as I type this.  I’m hoping they’ll be out, all things going well, in August/Sept.

    WIP update

    Still slow-going but now at 24K. I do love these characters so much!! And I’ll share some details about them when I get further along – I always worry I’ll jinx myself if I speak too soon 😉

    Please stay safe everyone! It’s a crazy, strange world at the moment. Please stay at home if you can, wash your hands, wear a mask, and be kind to yourself and others. The world needs love.


  • Good Morning Monday ~ Taxes and TARDIS is FREE for a short time only!


    I have a few things to share with you today! First of all, I wanted to send out a HUGE thanks to everyone who has bought and read Pieces of Me! I scored that little orange #1 Best-seller badge in six countries! Guys, it just blows me away that people read my stuff all over the world!

    Anyway, if you missed the pre-order link for Pieces of Me, you can find it…



    June 30th is the end of the financial year in Australia so I thought it was an extremely appropriate time to make Taxes and TARDIS freeeeeeee!!  Brent would be so impressed with this!!

    Universal Amazon:





    Brent is a jock, Logan a geek; these men are a world apart. But if opposites attract, maybe it’s the differences between them that make it worth the fight.

    Brent Kelly is a laid-back electrician whose only concerns are drinks with friends and which man to bed next. In need of a new accountant to sort out his nightmarish shoebox of tax receipts, he’s referred to Logan Willis.
    He doesn’t expect to be intrigued by the science fiction-loving, geeky guy with dark-rimmed glasses and a TARDIS-blue shirt. So his fascination with the soft-spoken Englishman surprises him, and their mutual attraction is completely unexpected. He most certainly never expects to fall in love.
    One a jock and the other a geek, both men know the differences between them are vast and could cause problems. But in this opposites-attract erotic drama, maybe it’s the differences between them that make staying together worth the fight.

    Sooooo, if you’re yet to read this book, now is the time to grab it. It will be free on Amazon for June 30th and July 1st – in your time zone.  And it will only be free on those two days, then it goes back to the regular price.


    Sooo ACX is still holding Throwing Hearts hostage. It’s been like 12 weeks or something ridiculous. I’m beginning to think it will never be released. LOL

    But in good news, Imago is out on the 30th!  Antony Ferguson is at the mic, and I can’t wait for Lawson and Jack to be out in audio-land!! It is available for pre-order at the link below.



    WiP news…

    Currently at 15K words it’s still depressingly slow. LOL But there’s a lot of research and world-building so I’m trying to take that into account and not feel so bad LOL

    Anywhooooo, I’ll be back next week with the cover and title of Book 3 in the Missing Pieces series!!  Oh, and the paperbacks of Pieces of You and Pieces of Me are available and they’re gorrrrrrgeous!

    Until then…

  • Good Morning Monday! Pieces of Me Excerpt


    I promised an excerpt from Pieces of Me, so here it is!



    “Did you say accounts?” Justin asked, nodding toward where I’d stacked the papers on top of my laptop.

    I wasn’t gonna tell him about my money worries, but I didn’t want to hide this from him. Maybe just not the extent of it. It was a fine line. “Yeah. I just have a few things to get done tonight. I’ll need to be working in the shop with the boys this week and not in the office, so if I can keep on top of the paperwork . . .”

    “Is that because I’m not there?” he asked. “Do you have to do my job?”

    Shit. I withheld the sigh that threatened to escape and put my fork down. “Not exactly. I mean, yes, a little bit. But it’s nothing we can’t handle until you’re ready to come back.”

    His brow furrowed and I gave him time to think about what I’d said. He ate some more of his pasta but then pushed what was left around his plate with his fork. “Do Davo and Sparra have to do my work too?”


    I didn’t want him to feel bad, but I also wouldn’t lie to him. “The three of us are filling in the gaps. When I was at the hospital every day, Davo and Sparra did everything. They really covered my arse. So now we’re home, I’m trying to do as much as I can to help them out. We have an important contract coming up, one we do every year, and it’s good money. I can’t drop the ball on it.”

    “I don’t like letting you down,” he whispered.

    I reached over and squeezed his arm. “You’re not. At all. In any way. You’re my priority, first and foremost, Jussy. But my business is important too. Davo and Sparra depend on me for a job and I don’t want to let them down. I just need to get the balance right, that’s all. So if I have to do some work on the computer while we sit on the couch after dinner, then so be it.”

    He tried to smile but couldn’t quite manage it. “My accident . . .”

    When he said nothing else, I did. “Your accident was not your fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. And we’ll get through this, I have no doubt. I just want to try and do the right thing by everyone, that’s all.”

    “I want to help. I can do . . .” He frowned again, like he couldn’t find the right word. He shrugged. “I don’t know what I can do.”

    “You can get better, and you can rest and recover,” I said. “And you can make an awesome spaghetti.”

    That earned me a small smile, but it didn’t last long. “I hate that everything is so hard. I want to do things but I’m tired, and my leg and my arm are stupid, and my head hurts most of the time. And the worst part is that I can’t think properly. Like sometimes it’s clear, and sometimes it’s foggy, sometimes it’s like I’m underwater. I hate that I can’t remember everything, and I hate that I feel so lost.”


    He gave a small nod. “I dunno who I am. I mean, I know I’m Justin, and I know where I come from, and all that shit. But I dunno who I was. The last five years were so important and I’ve lost that. I dunno who that Justin is.”

    I pulled my chair around so I faced him, and I took his hand. “Baby, I wish I could fix that. I wish I knew how to get everything back. I hate that you feel that way, but I completely understand why you do. I’m sure I’d feel the same if it were me in that van that day.”

    “I just feel . . . lost. And sad.” He shrugged. “I guess today’s just a bad day, but I . . .” His chin wobbled and his eyes became glassy. “I dunno.”

    “Oh, baby,” I whispered. “You’re allowed to have bad days.” To be honest, I was surprised he hadn’t had more bad days before now. “Do you want a hug?”

    He nodded quickly, and I stood up and helped him to his feet. I pulled him against me and he snuggled in, fitting the side of his head against my neck. I rubbed his back and held him tight, and for the longest moment, we never moved.

    “Thank you,” he mumbled.

    “What are you thanking me for?”

    “For everything. For knowing what I need when I don’t.”

    He made no attempt to move and I certainly wasn’t going to. “I need your hugs too.”

    “I mean it. When I’m all fuzzy and . . . not together . . .  I can’t think of the word. Anyway, when I’m like that, you hug me and it fixes me.”

    “Well, you’re welcome. You can have a hug any time.”

    He was quiet again for a bit and he leaned heavily against me as though he were falling asleep. “Thank you for staying.”

    “Staying where?” In this hug?

    “With me. For not leaving me. You could have, but you didn’t.”

    I pulled back then so he could see the seriousness in my eyes. “Justin, baby. I love you. I’ve loved you for years. You are loved. And I know that’s probably weird for you, but I need you to know this: I’m not leaving you. Not then, not now, not ever.”

    His face softened and he almost smiled. “It’s not weird. Well, maybe a little bit but not really. We’ve been on like, one date.”

    I laughed. “Does tonight not count? You cooked me dinner. It could be our second date.”

    “Nope. I forgot the candles.”

    I chuckled and pulled him back in for a hug. His left arm went around me and held me just as tight as I held him. He was warm and smelled like home. “Candles make it a date,” I said quietly. “Got it.”

    He was quiet again and heavy against me. “I like hearing you say it,” he mumbled. “That you love me. I know you do. You look after me, and you care.”

    He liked knowing he was loved, and I couldn’t blame him. It was an amazing feeling, comforting like a soft bed and warm blankets on a cold night. I knew he loved me too. I knew he did. It was just trapped, hidden under the surface. He’d already remembered slivers of me from our life before the accident. He said my wing tattoos felt safe, like home. And he trusted me, and for a guy who was surrounded by strangers, that was a helluva statement.

    His heart knew me, even if his head didn’t.

    And I clung to that with everything I had.


    I hope you all enjoy the second installment of the Missing Pieces Series. I can’t wait for you all to read it.

    In other WIP news, I’ve started my next book but it’s going incredibly slow. I usually aim to write 10K words per week, but last week managed barely 2K words. Ugh. It’s frustrating and I’m considering shelving this book for now and starting something else. I’ll give it another day or two. Hopefully this week will be better.

    Next week I’ll have the pre-order link for Pieces of Me. Yes, I’m doing a pre-order! LOL (you guys know I’m not a fan, right?) but Amazon is a mess right now so I’ll be doing a pre-order so fingers crossed they don’t hold up my release date…

    Until then

  • Good Morning Monday with a Title and Cover Reveal!


    A super quick flyby post this week! Pieces of You had a fabulous release week, and I scored a few of Amazon’s orange #1 best-seller banners around the world, so thank you all soooo much for loving Dallas and Justin as much as I do!

    As promised I have a title and cover reveal for you!

    Book Two in the Missing Pieces Series is due out June 26th, and I’m excited to continue Dallas and Justin’s story with you all.

    So, here it is… (and it is GORGEOUS)


    Pieces of Me, Book Two in the Missing Pieces Series will be out June 26th!  I’ll share the blurb soon! Here it is next to Pieces of You, and they are just soooo pretty! These covers are made by Covers by Combs, and the paperback for Pieces of You is beautiful!

    In case you missed the buylink to Pieces of You,

    you can find it HERE!



    Quick update on my WIP (which is Book Three in the Missing Pieces Series) it is DONE and I’ll be doing first draft revisions this week before I send it off to my fabulous editor.

    I’m STILL waiting on ACX to approve Throwing Hearts audio! I know they’re overwhelmed and understaffed because of covid-19 but OMG it’s getting ridiculous! Fingers crossed it will be out any day!

    That’s it for this week. I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.


  • Good Morning Monday ~ And a Cover and Blurb Reveal!


    Pieces of You is Book One of the Missing Pieces trilogy. Each installment should be out one month apart, starting mid to late May.  It’s the story of an established couple, Dallas and Justin, who have their world torn apart when Justin is involved in a serious car accident. It deals with amnesia and traumatic brain injury, and getting to fall in love all over again.



    Missing Pieces Series, Book One.
    Dallas Muller has everything he never expected he’d have. He owns a successful motorbike mechanic shop in Newcastle, and he’s madly in love with his boyfriend of four years, Justin Keith.
    Justin has always struggled to find where he fit in, never realising his true worth or what it means to be loved—until he met Dallas. Living and working together might be too much for some, but Dallas and Justin wouldn’t have it any other way.
    When a terrible accident tears their world apart, Justin’s left with no memory of Dallas or their relationship. Trying to put the pieces back together is almost impossible when some pieces are blank and some are missing altogether. Dallas has to let Justin find his own way back to him and just hope that their love will light the way.
    Pieces of You is 49,500 words.

    I hope everyone is okay in these crazy times.  Please stay home (if you can) and stay safe! I’ll be offline mostly so I can meet a deadline, so please take care and be kind to yourselves. I’m hoping to be back next week with an update that I smashed my daily word count goals.

    Until then…

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