• Release dates!!

    Have I told you how  much I love my new publisher?? 

    Total e-Bound have truly been so very helpful. They know I’m a little gun-shy when it comes to publishers and contracts now and they have honestly been so nice about all my questions and concerns. 

    I love them.

    Okay, so I was looking for some cute love-group-hug gif to go here and an hour later I’m tumblr’ing in QaF and Torchwood gifs. *shrugs*  Jack and Ianto kissing gifs will win over a love-group-hug gif. Every time. JSYK.

    I have some (tentative) dates for my books!!!

    POINT OF NO RETURN, preorder date 24th June
    ELEMENTS OF RETROFIT, preorder date 26th August
    TAXES AND TARDIS, preorder date 21st October
    THREE’S COMPANY, preorder date 2nd December

    And all the sequels, to Point of No Return and Thomas Elkin, will be released when they can be fit in accordingly. 

    For every one who has emailed me, pm’d me, messaged me, asking about release dates… Now I haz them!  

    Will post more info when I have it!!  

    Hope everyone has a GREAT Easter!  

    I’m also participating in RJ Scott’s April blog hop, so I’ll see you again soon!!  

  • Guest Blogger – RC Bonitz

    Nicole- thank you for hosting me today. I love to talk about my books. RC
    Tell us about the book you’re featuring today.
    My title is A Blanket for Her Heart, and the book is available in all formats at the moment. You can get it at Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, or at your local bookstore. See the links below.
    Tell us a little about A Blanket for Her Heart –, what inspired you to write it?
    A Blanket for Her Heart is the book of my heart- my first full-length novel, about Anne Hoskins and the man who sparks her to give wings to her life. It’s a tale of courage and setbacks, about a woman attempting to turn her life upside down despite fear and uncertainty. Some might say she’s willing to try for nothing more than a man, but I maintain she’s driven by far more than that.
    When you start writing, do you already have the story plotted out or do you let the characters dictate what will happen?
    I can’t stand to decide every last detail of the plot, but I had to re-write almost an entire book one time when the story wouldn’t work out. So, now I plot a couple of chapters at a time by “telling” what happens, as one would in a synopsis. Then I write those chapters, see where I am, and summarize a little more. As long as I keep the ending and a few turning points clear in mind the process works very well.
    I usually start with a clear first chapter in mind before I plot anything. A Blanket for Her Heart began as a dream, which I recalled in detail and which became the Prologue and first chapter.
    What inspired you to write in your genre? Is this the genre you started writing in or have you morphed to this one?
    I’ve written contemporary romance, played around with historical and suspense novels, (all love stories) since I wrote A Blanket for Her Heart. My most recent book is a contemporary romance titled A Little Bit of Baby. That was published by Silver Publishing, along with A Little Bit of Blackmail, which preceded it. I like happy endings and love stories, so the romance genre choice was simple.
    Do you have a favorite character you have written?
    I actually have a couple. Jessie in A Little Bit of Baby is a mixed up but feisty woman at the start, but she gets her act together and makes sure Ike plays straight with her. Anne, inA Blanket for Her Heart, is an older woman faced with the most difficult decision of her life- whether to retreat into her quiet, withdrawn existence or take chances with her fate. Her choice leads to an unexpected challenges and consequences. She and Jessie are both strong, determined, and lovely women.
    Who was the toughest character for you to “get right” that you have written so far?
    The answer to this one is Megan, who I am writing at the moment. Her book doesn’t have a title yet, but she’s got me fully occupied. She’s living with a jerk at the start of the book and why she’s putting up with him escapes me. Of course, she’s had a daughter by the man and worries about Jordan, so-? I go back and forth with her sense of duty towards her daughter, whether or not she fears her boyfriend, and how she decides to leave him for the hero.
    Do you draw inspiration for your characters from real life? Any fun stories you could share?
    My inspiration comes entirely from my imagination. I sometimes try to relate a character to someone I’ve met, but I need to know much more about my characters than I know about real people. My funny stories are all fictional I’m afraid. One scene in A Little Bit of Baby cracks me up, but it’s at the end of the book so I will not reveal the details. In the new book, Megan fears Wade, the hero, is about to announce he loves her. Not ready to hear that, she dashes from house and wanders down the street, then goes back without a good explanation for her behavior. When he asks why she ran off like that she blurts out, “I had gas.”
    What do you find the hardest part of writing?
    Bringing my characters to vibrant life, without a doubt. But, there’s also that little factor one must deal with after publication- Promotion and marketing! I’d much prefer to be in Anne’s head, or Megan’s, telling their story, living their struggles and triumphs.
    Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.
    One thing? Hmm. My wife and I have celebrated almost fifty-five wonderful anniversaries together- which tells you I’m a guy and a grandfather! We have four daughters and a son and twelve wonderful grandchildren we love dearly.
    Do you have a guilty pleasure?
    I’ve had many in my life- guy stuff mostly- sailboat racing, bass fishing on a beautiful lake in an ancient red canoe, but now it’s a nice glass of red zinfandel with cheese and crackers on the side while reading a great review of one of my books.
    What TV Show are you addicted to?
    I’m not much for TV, but I love Downton Abbey and MASH re-runs.
    What do you need before you start writing? Anything that is just a must have or the creative juice don’t flow?
    I need an idea for the scene I’m working on. I actually think about the scene for a bit before I put words to paper. I can write with the TV blasting or in silence, early in the morning or late at night. If I have the scene figured out very little distracts me. If I don’t nothing helps.
    Where were you when you got your first contract? What problems did you have getting published?
    I received contracts for two books in two days, so I was ecstatic. My wife was the first to hear the news since I was home and at my computer when the word came in. A Little Bit of Blackmail and A Blanket for Her Heartwere published within a couple of months of each other, though Blanket took a detour on the way to the bookstores. My second publisher made a policy decision to handle only religious books just two days before Blanket’s scheduled release date. Blanket doesn’t qualify as a religious book, so they cut me loose! Since I had the cover and edited manuscript ready to go, I chose to indie publish the book rather than go through the submission process again. So, after a brief delay Blanketfinally hit the shelves at Amazon.
    How old were you when you read your first romance book?
    Now there’s a hard question. Do fairy tales count? In living memory I’d have to say I read my first Harlequin romance about ten years ago. The heroine was a tow truck driver as I recall- good book
    What author causes you to “go fan girl”/ squeal over/anticipate upcoming books?
    My friend and mentor, Kristan Higgins, whose book The Best Man just came out.
    If you still have one of those pesky non-writing jobs what is it?
    It’s called “retirement”
    Do you have a favorite movie you have seen in the last few months and/or an all time favorite?
    My all time favorite is Sleepless in Seattle
    What are you currently working on, and what else is in the wings?
    As I mentioned above, my current WIP has no title at the moment, but the tale of Wade and Megan is through the first draft. Now the hard work starts- the editing. After that? I may try my hand at re-writing a suspense novel I developed years ago. Or a historical that I played around with once upon a time.
    If you could co-write with another author who would it be?
    I’m actually doing that with my critique partner of many years, Judy Roth. Judy is a busy editor these days and I’m tied up, so our joint book is moving at a snail’s pace. But we’re working on it.
    How do you pick your characters names?
    Out of my head. Sometimes I change them halfway through the book if the character doesn’t fit the name anymore (in my head).
    Do you prefer the love at first sight approach or a steady growth throughout?
    I write both now, though I believe in love at first sight. I told my wife I would marry her on our first date and here we are more than fifty years later. A Blanket for Her Heart is a love at first sight story, but the love of Wade and Megan in the new book develops slowly.

    Anne Hoskins faces the most difficult decision of her life. Will she grab for the brass ring, or choose the safer, more familiar path she’s traveled since her youth? Will temptation divert her from the choice she selects? She has much to learn about herself –  and tests galore to overcome.  A BLANKET FOR HER HEART is a story of courage and love, uncertainty and challenges. And an unexpected turn of fate.


    He checked into the old Victorian hotel, dragged the ancient ten-speed bike from the rack on the Toyota, and headed along the shore, away from town. The route was familiar, ridden many times with his wife long ago. Back then, only two or three boats rocked quietly in the harbor. Now there had to be three hundred, rivaling Newport just across the bay. Shops and restaurants, once part of a sleepy little town, thrived on the bustle of early season tourists.
    He cleared the harbor and headed south over the sandy isthmus that held the island together. The land had a name he’d seen on maps, Conanicut Island, but he called the whole place Jamestown, after the town. Passing Fort Getty, he started up the long hill he hadn’t seen since Carol died.
    Proud of her riding, she’d always beaten him to the top, except once, that last time. He had teased her, laughing with victory. She had smiled and said it was just a fluke; she hadn’t had her vitamins that day. A first warning, it had gone unrecognized.
    That was a long time ago, before he met Ellie and before she dumped him last year. Inactive since then, the last of the climb he had to do on foot.
    Back on the bike, he pedaled toward the lighthouse, up and down the rolling hills. The New England air was crisp, but warm enough, and the ancient bike rolled smoothly under one of those clear blue early June skies. Scrub trees and bushes lined the road and an old rock wall, nearly hidden in the undergrowth, followed the pavement, its neglected top missing stones.
    The heaviness of his last few months returned with a sudden certainty the island was a lonely place to live, not at all as bright and open as he’d remembered it.      
    A bird high overhead caught his attention. An osprey or a hawk soaring, probably seeking prey. He caught his breath as it dove suddenly, flashing downward like a dart.
    The bike lurched. His attention diverted, he had drifted into the ditch at the side of the road. Pulling hard to the left, he tried to recover, but the front wheel struck one large rock and then another. As if a spectator, he watched in disbelief as the wheel collapsed, pitching him forward, over the handlebars. The rocky ditch offered a hard greeting.
    As his body registered pain, he lay unmoving, hoping someone would come by. But the road was devoid of homes or cars. He was alone.
    Raw flesh against the rocks and pavement brought an involuntary cry as he struggled to get up. He lurched to his feet, his left arm crooked, panic clutching at his heart. Sliding his right arm below the left for support, he took a step and groaned in spite of himself.
    A single driveway beckoned. It had to be followed, but its slippery, sloshing gravel made each step he took a grim adventure into pain. Finally, a house appeared deep in the woods, barely visible but a very welcome sight. Waves of pain ripped through the arm with each stumbling step, but he goaded himself onward.
    “One more step, one more blasted step.”
    At last, the house. Thick shrubs shrouded the front, extending from the garage around to an L-shaped wing, a castle wall to block his entry. The garage was closed, no car in sight. Silence lay heavy in the air. He stared, numb, his mind uncomprehending. So much effort for nothing.
    The deep roar of a motorcycle reached up from the road, unmistakable help gone by, a blow to his belly. Someone had to be home. Three steps toward the garage revealed a path, barely visible in the shrubs. He eased through, trying to avoid branches, and emerged in a sheltered courtyard.

    Where can readers find you or your books?
    Email   rcbonitz@gmail.com
    My books are available at:
    Amazon at:

    Barnes and Noble:
    My blog/website   http://www.rcbonitz.com
    Once again, thank you Nicole. RC
  • AJ Jarrett Guest Blogger!!

    Happy Saturday everyone!!

    Today, I have the very lovely AJ Jarrett on my blog to celebrate release day of her newest book!!

    A big hello to everyone! First off I’d like to thank NR for having me today. It’s a pretty big day for me. The Alpha’s Captive releases today and it’s the first in my new series with Siren, the Nehalem Pack.

    The idea for this series came about after speaking with my publisher and taking their advice on what I should focus on. It wasn’t a hardship on my part. I love stories set in the paranormal word and my favorite paranormal beings has to be werewolves. I feel they are the sexiest most alluring creatures to read, and to be honest, daydream about.

    Beings as it’s a Saturday I’ll keep this short and sweet. I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the weekend and thank you again NR for having me!
    Hunters have taken everything from Devon Carsten. First, they murdered his parents, and now they’ve taken his brother. With no other options left, Devon decides an eye for an eye, or in this case a brother for a son, is the best course of action, and he takes the son of the man who kidnapped his brother. But his plan blows up in his face when he realizes the man in question is his mate.
    Aiden Stefano never imagined a weekend at home would start off with him being kidnapped by men claiming to be werewolves or that he would fall for one. Now he must find a way to convince Devon what they share is worth fighting for and prove to his father that wolves aren’t the monsters he believes them to be. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?
    Aiden is the only thing Devon has to bargain with, but can he give up his mate to save his brother?

    Adult Excerpt

    Aiden pulled one hand free and placed a finger under Devon’s chin lifting up until the man met his eyes. “I don’t blame you.” Aiden’s voice trailed off. Devon was a wolf and his father a hunter, and apparently he hunted these beings and kidnapped them, but for what? Devon wasn’t some ravenous beast when in wolf form, so why would his dad waste his time?

    “Thank you.” Devon brushed a kiss across his lips, and Aiden sighed into the moistness of Devon’s mouth. With his hands free, Aiden was finally able to wrap his arms around Devon’s shoulders. The kiss deepened, and Devon tugged him closer. Aiden dug his fingers into the hard muscle lining Devon’s shoulder, trying to climb the man. Devon worked his thigh between Aiden’s, and he started to rub his hardness on the firm muscle.

    His orgasm played right beneath the surface of his skin. Sweat broke out across his face, and he pushed harder against Devon’s leg. The rough, dry grind just added to his enjoyment. A bolt of electricity shot through his body and out his dick. Gooey warmth wetted the front of his pants, and he panted for breath as his body trembled out of control.

    Aiden took several deep breaths. He buried his head into Devon’s chest, too embarrassed to look at the man who just made him come so hard he saw stars.

    “Hey what’s wrong, hon?” Devon took a step back, trying to get Aiden to look at him.

    “I’m mortified,” Aiden mumbled. “I’ve never done anything like this before, and it was over before it even began.” He pouted, but he couldn’t help it. He’d kissed a few guys but that was it.

    “You’ve never done this or anything before?” Devon asked, his fingers tightening on Aiden’s arms.

    “Nothing.” Aiden peeked up at Devon through his bangs. “I’ve just never got around to you know.” He gestured with his hands, unable to vocalize his thoughts.

    “Sex.” A smile lit up Devon’s face like a firecracker.

    “It’s not funny.” Aiden smacked at Devon’s bare chest. “It’s a big deal to me. I wanted to wait until I met someone special.”

    Devon placed both hands on his face, urging Aiden to look at him. “I’m glad you waited for me.”

    Devon dropped a kiss to Aiden’s lips. Any protest that he should have been making fell silent. Devon walked him backward until the back of Aiden’s legs hit the mattress. They stumbled back and fell onto the soft bed. Aiden could feel his cock starting to stir again as Devon’s heated body moved over his.

    One more searing kiss to his mouth then Devon moved lower, stopping to tease Aiden’s pebbled nipples. Aiden gasped and squirmed at the contact. He never realized how sensitive his nipples were before. It was as if a direct line ran from his nipples to his cock, causing it to fill and lie hard against his stomach.

    Aiden fisted his hands in the blanket by his head, unsure what to do. His body wanted Devon to take that luscious mouth lower until it wrapped around his dick. Aiden had never gotten this far before, but he’d seen enough porn to know what would happened next, and he wanted Devon to kiss his throbbing shaft.

    “Dear God, Devon,” Aiden cried out.

    Devon chuckled against his stomach as he worked his way down. “For a virgin, you’re awfully loud.”

    Aiden didn’t respond, he just thrust his hips upward to rub his cock against any part of Devon’s body he could find. Devon’s tongue trailed a wet line down his stomach and traced around his navel. He placed openmouthed kisses along the waist of Aiden’s pants then sat back on his haunches. Aiden’s abdomen quivered as Devon ran his fingertips across his stomach before he worked his fingers underneath the material and pulled Aiden’s pants down. Devon stared at him with an evil grin on his lips as he yanked his pants the rest of the way off.

    He felt exposed and moved to cover his erect cock. Devon pushed his hands away and moved to hover over him. “Don’t hide from me.” He kissed Aiden’s neck. “You have the most stunning body I’ve ever seen.”

    “You’re just saying that.” Aiden gasped as Devon sucked a mark on his neck. All the air in his lungs rushed out when Devon lowered his body to lie on top of his. The heavy, hot length of his cock burned against his own.

    “Do you still think I’m just trying to be nice?” Devon circled his hips for good measure, smearing his pre-cum along Aiden’s length.

    “Devon,” Aiden moaned as he grabbed for purchase on Devon’s shoulders. “Make love to me.”

    Aiden’s body tensed as Devon ran the back of his fingers down the length of his cock then began to tease the skin behind his balls. This was it. For the first time in his life he was about to let another man enter his body. He was excited, but doubt started to plague his mind. Aiden wanted Devon in the worst way but he didn’t want to be tossed aside afterwards or once Devon got his brother back. “Where did you go?” Devon asked. 

    “I…I…” Aiden couldn’t find the words to explain. He didn’t want to insult Devon by assuming what they were about to do meant more than it really did. “I’m fine. Let’s just do this.” He ran his fingers through Devon’s hair and tugged him down, kissing him long and hard. Aiden threw caution to the wind and turned himself completely over to Devon, heart and soul. He could always pick the pieces of his broken heart up after Devon left him because eventually he would. Devon never promised him anything beyond tonight.

    Author Bio:

    AJ Jarrett currently lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children. A lover of M/M romances, she has started writing her own stories for others to enjoy. She loves her characters to be antagonistic toward one another but ultimately find their happy ever after. She believes love can be found in the craziest of places and a little humor along the way never hurt. To her, there’s nothing sexier than two men finding their soul mate and falling in love. When she isn’t chasing around her kids, she can be found sitting on the couch with her trusted laptop giving life to the voices in her head.

    Author Links:

  • Through These Eyes and Other News

    I have news!!  

    First of all, I have Through These Eyes cover art!!

    By the amazing Sara York!  Isn’t it just beautiful?

    And to celebrate the soon-to-be-released sequel to Blind Faith, I thought I’d post an excerpt straight from how the story starts.


    “Carter, for God’s sake, would you hurry up?”

    I smiled into the bathroom mirror as I pulled on one of his shirts. “Keep your pants on.”

    “If you don’t hurry the fuck up, I’ll be keeping them on,” Isaac called back to me from down the hall. “Permanently.”

    I snorted. “Well, if I had my own clothes here…” I trailed off, waiting for him to bite back, knowing this conversation – one we’d had many times – annoyed him.

    “I’ll go start the car,” I heard him mumble, and I laughed.  Then the front door closed.


    “Isaac!” I stumbled out of the bathroom door, hopping on one foot, trying to put on my shoe, trying to stop him from getting in behind the steering wheel and starting my car. I almost fell down the hall, with my shoe half on and my jeans undone, to find Isaac still standing inside at the front door.

    Looking gorgeous in his pricey jeans, expensive shirt and tight-fitted, designer sunglasses, the self-righteous bastard smiled.  “Thought that might get your attention.”

    Standing up straight, wedging my foot into my shoe and doing up the fly on my jeans, I looked at my boyfriend.  My blind boyfriend.  Then I looked at the golden Labradorat his feet, his guide dog.  “Well, Brady,” I said to the dog. “It seems Isaac thinks he’s funny.”

    Isaac grinned, smugly. “Are you finally ready?” he asked, again. He held out my wallet and keys. “You know my sister doesn’t have a baby every day, Carter. I’d like to get to the hospital some time before my niece starts middle school.”

    Instead of taking my wallet and keys, I took his face in my hands and kissed him. “Shut up and get in the car.”

    By the time we had Brady harnessed into the backseat and were on our way to Carney Hospital, he was still complaining. “Seriously, Carter. How long should it take?”

    “I was at work,” I said, again. “I had to get changed! I could hardly turn up in my work clothes.” Spending my days as a vet, tending to an array of animals, didn’t make for clean work clothes.  I changed gears and weaved through some traffic, looking from the cars in front of me to Isaac. “You know, if I had my own clothes at your place, it wouldn’t take so long. I wouldn’t have to go through your wardrobe to find clothes that fit me.”

    Isaac sighed dramatically. “Haven’t we had this conversation?”

    Yes. Yes, we had. But he didn’t want me to move in with him. At all.  It had stung when he’d first told me he didn’t want me to live with him. I’d brought it up, considering we’d been together for a year, thinking it was the next step for us, thinking it was what he’d want. But he didn’t. He liked his independence, he’d said. He liked things just the way they were.  He didn’t want us to be in each other’s pockets, he’d said.  It hurt to know he didn’t want me to move in, but since then, the subject had now become a bit of a joke between us.

    Usually, I’d make a joke of it and he’d sigh or change the subject. Or tickle me. Or throw something at me.
    “Yes, we have had this conversation before.”

    “And how long are we going to continue to have it?”

    “Until you agree for me to move in.”

    “So a long while, then?”

    I chuckled and shook my head. “Apparently.” I reached over the console and took his hand.  “What time did you get the call about Hannah?”

    “Carlos phoned me at work this morning to say she’d gone into labor, but not to hurry, because they thought it’d be hours,” he said.  “But then he called me again after lunch to tell me it was all over.”

    I looked at the clock on the dash, and like he could see what I’d just done, he added, “That was over an hour ago.”

    I knew he was anxious. His sister meant the world to him, and the new addition to the Brannigan clan was the best news they’d had in a long time.  I lifted our joined hands and kissed his knuckles.

    “I did leave work four hours early. I got to your place as fast as I could.”

    He sighed again, and squeezed my hand.  “It’s okay. The bus took forever anyway.”

    “Why won’t you let me drive you to work?”

    “Because you don’t need to be driving out of your way for me, when you live five minutes from your work,” he said. “And I’m a big boy. I can catch the bus to work if I want to.”

    I looked at the man in the passenger seat beside me, at his dark brown hair, his chiseled jaw and trademark Armani sunglasses. The beautiful, stubborn, completely infuriating man.  “It’s hardly out of my way.  It’d take me twenty minutes tops,” I started, but he cut me off.

    “Carter,” he said sternly, in that I-can’t-believe-I-have-to-say-this-out-loud tone he gets when he thinks he’s stating the obvious. “Brady and I are just fine on the bus, thank you.”

    I held in a sigh and bit back the exasperated comment that threatened to snap at him.  You’d think after being together for over twelve months I’d be used to it by now.  But no, I wasn’t really. I wasn’t often offended by his snide comments anymore, but the frustration still weighed in.

    Dropping any conversation pertaining to how independent he was, I asked, “So did Carlos tell you what they called the baby?”

    “No,” he shook his head and smiled softly.  “Just that mother and daughter were doing well.”

    When I pulled the car over and to a stop, Isaac turned his face toward to me. “Why did we stop?  We haven’t been driving for long enough to be at the hospital. Carter, what the hell are you doing? We’re late enough!”

    I waited for his little tirade to be over. “I’m aware of that, Isaac,” I said slowly. “I stopped at a florist so we could bring Hannah some flowers. Is that okay?”

    Isaac sighed. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “Because I just saw it and decided it was a good idea.”

    He sighed. “Just don’t take long.”

    “Wouldn’t dream of it.” I rolled my eyes dramatically, though that silent trait was lost on him.  Two minutes later, I opened the passenger door of the Jeep and handed Isaac the ridiculously overpriced teddy bear and bouquet of pink flowers with matching balloon.  He pulled his face back in surprise, so I kissed his cheek. “Now you can’t say I’ve never given you flowers.”

    I got back in behind the wheel and Isaac was smelling the flowers. After I’d pulled the Jeep out into traffic and we were nearly at the hospital, he said, “You haven’t, you know.”

    “I haven’t what?”

    “Given me flowers.”

    I looked from him to the traffic in front of us, back to him, trying to decide if he was serious… I mean, no, I’d never brought him flowers, but I was trying to decide if he cared.  “Would you like me to? Bring you flowers?”

    “Not if I have to ask you for them.”

    “Then I shall bring you flowers.” I chuckled, and shook my head.  “When you don’t expect it.”

    “Well now you’ve mentioned it, I’ll be expecting it.”

    I sighed out a laugh. “Will I ever win an argument?”

    Isaac smiled. “Not if I’m the one you’re arguing with.”

    I laughed as I drove my Jeep into the parking lot of the hospital.  Pulling into a spot, I turned the ignition off.  “Well, come on. Let’s go meet the newest Brannigan.”


    In other news, Total e-Bound has said they’d love to have my other books!!!!  

    Yes!!  So that means Taxes and TARDIS, Three’s Company and Point of No Return will have a new home soon!!


    Breaking Point (Point of No Return 2) and Starting Point (Point of No Return 3) as well!!!!

    I will be adding about another 10K to PoNR 1, so the new release will be a little longer, but essentially not different. 

    I’ve been waiting for months for this very good news, so I’m very excited to share it with you all!!  

    I can’t wait to move forward and start my writing career over with a new (to me), exciting publisher such as TEB. 

    Thanks for all staying with me, and I hope to have some more news on release dates soon.

    Oh, and speaking of which, Through These Eyes (Blind Faith 2) should be up in a few days!!  


  • Guest Blog – Meet Faith Ashlin

    Hello good people,
    I’m Faith Ashlin and I have been very kindly invited onto N.R. Walker’s blog, thank you so much.
    My second book came out on 23rdFebruary, it’s called, What You See Isn’t Always What You Get.’ I’m especially proud of this book and it means a lot to me.

    Here’s the blurb…

    Sex for money. That’s the simple deal ex-freedom fighter Richard offers when he buys Denny’s freedom.
    When ex-freedom fighter Richard buys a slave’s freedom, he has a deal to offer. Being more inexperienced than he appears, he needs someone to teach him a few things. Sex for money and help is what he’s proposing. Denny can always say no.
    Denny agrees, and as they settle into their new life, they learn things about themselves and each other, as well as the nature of freedom and love.
    But when are things ever that easy? Their world is suddenly shattered by a ghost from Richard’s past. That’s when Denny takes control, shows what he’s made of and fulfills a need Richard didn’t even know he had. It turns out neither are what they appear to be.


    Richard inhaled very carefully. “You have to teach me. Teach me what to do in bed.”
    Denny’s eyes widened but he didn’t react otherwise. “You want me to be a whore or a sex therapist?”
    “I was thinking more along the sex therapist lines but that’s probably just me being naïve or optimistic,” Richard admitted.
    “You a virgin?”
    “No.” Richard shook his head. “I just don’t… I don’t have much experience. Hardly any, really.”
    “You’re kidding, right? I mean, you’re fucking gorgeous. You could get anyone you want without even asking.”
    “Never wanted anybody but one guy,” Richard said softly.
    “And he didn’t want you?”
    “Yeah, he did. It just wasn’t as simple as that.”
    “Why not?” Denny asked straight out and, fuck it, he was going to find out sooner or later. Richard figured he might as well get it over and done with now.
    “You ever heard of Grady Porter?”
    “Of course I have.” Denny sat up, the name suddenly animating him. “It was his death that spurred on the whole uprising, that got everyone released. If he hadn’t died when he did, then thousands of slaves would still be… Jesus fucking shit, are you Grady Porter’s Richard? The guy that was always with him? His… his…”
    “Partner? Lover? Whatever you want to call it. Yeah, I’m Grady’s Richard.”
    “Fucking hell.” Denny rocked with astonishment as his mouth widened to match his eyes. “Grady Porter’s Richard, right here, right in front of me. Man, you must have been through some serious shit. You were out fighting while I was cleaning out horse crap.”
    “We were.” Richard eyes fell to the scar on the back of his hand and he remembered, just for a moment. “But the war’s supposed to be over. We’ve been fighting for peace for the last three years, trying to clear up the mess. You should have been out a long time ago.”
    “I guess you couldn’t do everything at once.” Denny was still shaking his head and staring, looking stunned.
    “Funny, but Grady wouldn’t have agreed with you on that one.” Richard smiled a tight little smile.
    “But he’s been dead, what, over four years?”
    “Five next March.”
    “I don’t get it. So?”
    “He was the only person I’ve ever wanted, the only one I’ve ever slept with.” Again Richard’s voice was soft and low.
    “But if you were with him? Fuck man, I saw you on TV once. Watched when I shouldn’t have just so I could hear what he sounded like, see him move. It was so much better than a picture in a ripped-up newspaper. I don’t think I really looked at you but I remember the way he was hanging on to your hand, the way he looked at you. He loved you.”
    “I know,” Richard said, and the smile was back, easier this time. “And I loved him. But it wasn’t as simple as that.”
    “Why?” Denny wasn’t about to let him get away with anything.
    Richard collapsed back into the chair and ran a hand slowly over his closed eyes. So many memories, so long ago. When he opened them again Denny was watching him, waiting with a stillness Richard knew he’d had to learn over the years.

    What You See Isn’t Always What You Get is available now with Silver Publishing. You can buy it here: Buy here!!!

    Or buy it here at Amazon  Buy now!

    RATING: 5 sweet peas and a Highly Recommended Book Sweet Peas!

    An exert from the review:
    In the world of What You See Isn’t Always What You Get by Faith Ashlin slavery has been abolished, but its legacy lives on, in the runaways and black market slaves bought and sold. Denny is one such slave, captured on the street and sold onto Richard.
    Richard though is part of the Freedom Movement, the famous partner of slave martyr Grady Porter, whose death started the slave uprising, but Richard’s relationship with Grady wasn’t that intimate, and Richard, desperate to forge an alliance where his body is the part of the package, needs Denny to teach him about sex.
    Richard is a complex character, he’s emotionally closed off, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, only living day to day, as he has been for the last few years since Grady’s death, I fell in love him and at times he reduced me to tears, especially when he talks about Grady, his one lifetime love. Denny on the other hand is a street smart realistic young man, older than he first appears a slave all his life; he’s been through the ringer, as a slave and as a free man. Denny is very open about what happened to him, very accepting, the perfect counterpart to Richards reservation. At first Denny is stunned to find out who Richard is, Grady is a hero, and likewise Richard is too by association, but soon Denny finds himself drawn to Richard for his own sake, wanting to help him, not only with the mechanics of sex, but also to live again. The journey Richard and Denny take is not easy, especially dealing with the proverbial third person in their relationship, Grady, but it’s a journey where the rewards are worth all the pain.
    The pace of the story is perfect, it starts slow and languid, Richard and Denny getting used to each other. Richard introduces Denny to his friends in the Movement and Denny starts to understand how things were, and how they still are, Then just when it life seems settled and they can plan for a future, Richard no longer living in the shadows of the past, they receive a DVD of Grady’s death, in all its graphic horror. Can Denny and Harley, Richards’s best friend along with the rest of the Movement pull Richard back from the brink of despair?
    I loved Denny, but Richard was my favorite character, with all his layers and insecurities, at times I just wanted to hug him, tell him Grady would understand, and I desperately wanted him to finally find peace. I think it’s quite obvious that Richard is suffering from survivor’s guilt. After Grady’s death, while the war against slavery was still being fought Richard had something to fight for, but now it’s over he is struggling to accept that he can be happy in a world without Grady, and even though he comes to realize he loves Denny, he doesn’t feel he is deserving of a second chance at happiness. It’s up to Denny to convince Richard he is worthy, a task he is more than happy to take on.

    I fell in love with this book, with its angst and all its heartbreak. I sobbed at the ending, but I felt uplifted, and the epilogue is just the most fitting ending I could have wished for, one of the most perfect endings I have ever read for a book, it was closure.

    There is so much emotion poured into this book, it has its sad moments, but equally it’s happy times, I couldn’t put it down. It’s one of best books I’ve read in ages. I can’t wait to read more of Faith Ashlin’s work and she is now one of my must read authors

    Also available from me


    Amid the planes and bombs of World War Two, Bobby fights for a cause he fervently believes in, when events take a passionate turn with the arrival of a new pilot. Can Lewis offer him more than he thought possible?
    Silver Presents: Love is Love anthology—“My Unintended” by Faith Ashlin

    My bio

    When Faith was clearing out her attic many years ago, she found a book she’d written as a ten-year old. On rereading it she realized that it was the love story of two boys. Over the years her fascination with the image of beautiful young men, coiled together as they fell head over heels in love, became a passion for her.

    Since that first innocent book – written in purple sparkly pen – she has written many stories, set in varied worlds but always with two men finding their way to happiness.

    Nothing much has changed because now she can be found in a daydream, wandering around the supermarkets of London, or sitting in a meeting at work still dreaming up stories.

    You can find me at…

    Thank you so much to the wonderful N.R. Walker for inviting me on her blog. As someone fairly new to publishing it really is appreciated.
  • Meet Teegan Loy…

    Okay, boys and girls,

    I haz a excited!!!

    I have someone very special to me on my blog today. I met Teegan Loy some years ago through a mutual love of slash m/m sexing in fanfiction.

    She’s a bit of a writing buddy for me. We cheer each other on, and kick each other’s ass when required. More often than not, we tend to talk about m/m obsessions like tumblr porn and 1D (don’t judge).

    When I first got published, Teegan held my hand while I freaked out on release day.  

    Teegan’s been published before, she has releases out there (really, check them out. You won’t be disappointed) but this release, these boys, her hockey boys, are special.

    So without further adieu, please make very welcome, Teegan Loy…

    First off, thanks to the wonderful NR Walker for having me on her blog. I feel like we should be sitting across from each other having a drink or a cup of coffee. But alas, we live on opposite ends of the world. I mean, she’s in summer and I’m in winter. She lives kind of close to the ocean. To reach an ocean, I would have to drive at least 1500 miles east or west. My goodness, there might be some sort of sad love story there if we change the characters from girls to boys. Aha, my Slash is showing. However, I do not want to classify myself as strictly an m/m romance writer. I am a storyteller. As of this moment, I am a published m/m romance author with hopes of venturing into young adult and gasp, mainstream hetro.
    Okay, getting off track. I’m guesting on this Blog because I have a book coming out on March 2nd through Silver Publishing called Frozen Hearts. I’m excited, nervous, and sick to my stomach. NR is probably going to have to virtually hold my hand when the book goes live, because this whole publishing thing is her fault. She was the one who encouraged me to send my stuff off to a publisher. I rolled my eyes but took her advice. I didn’t think it would ever happen and then the “YES” came in the wee hours of the night and I almost died.
    My hockey boys are near and dear to me. Not only because they are my first stand-alone novel, but also because I’m a huge fan of the sport and the boys who play hockey. This particular story was actually inspired by a song. I wrote the “almost” ending before I wrote anything else listening to Be Still by The Fray. My hope is that the reader falls in love with Erik and Tyce like I did. Be warned, the story is not all sweet boy love and roses.
    Forced to live a lie for an image, the best college hockey player in the nation is quitting the game. Can Erik make peace with his past and the boy he left behind, or will he fold under the pressure.

    As I was writing this blog spot, I signed a contract for a short sports story, called The Magic Broom that will be released in June through Dreamspinner Press. I’m also close to finishing up a full-length m/m romance novel called Echoes of Us.  I’m sure I’ll be pitching it and hoping that someone will pick it up and publish it. My next project will bring me back to the ice with a story called Picks and Pucks.
    My lame blog site: teeganloy.wordpress.com
    Facebook: Teegan Loy
    Twitter: Drizzll
  • Blind Faith is back!

    Blind Faith is back!!

    I have amazing new covers and banners for Blind Faith, made the ever so lovely and talented Sara York. 

    Isn’t it just beautiful?  Words can’t describe how grateful I am to Sara for her hard work and understanding. This is the Isaac I used as a picspiration from the very beginning, and to now have him on the cover is just amazing!  

    The book is now available again for sale!!  Yay!  So I’m not an un-published, published author any more!! 

    At Smashwords  Buy Here!!
    At Amazon Buy Here!!
    I’ll have it up at other sites over the weekend, and fingers crossed I’ll have the sequel up sooner than expected, but no later than March 15th.

    I have re-released this book at a reduced rate of $3.99, which is a fair price for a 48,000 word book. The sequel, Through These Eyes is 69,000 words and will hit the shelf at $5.99.

    A very big thank you, to everyone who has supported me and showed patience and kindness during what has been a fairly stressful time.

    Hugs to you all.